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Title Author Index #
Adults as Learners Cross, K Patricia INST:TEACH:01
Mastering the Techniques of Teaching Lowman, Joseph INST:TEACH:02
Understanding and Facilitating Adult Learning Brookfield, Stephen D. INST:TEACH:03
Understanding and Facilitating Adult Learning Brookfield, Stephen D. INST:TEACH:04
Using Learning Contracts Knowles, Malcolm S.


On Teaching, Volume 1 Shea, M. A. INST:TEACH:06
The Craft of Teaching, Second Edition Eble, Kenneth E. INST:TEACH:07
Turning Professors into Teachers Katz, Joseph & Henry, Mildred INST:TEACH:08
Fostering Critical Reflection in Adulthood Jack Mezirow and Assoc. INST:TEACH:09
Improving College Teaching Weimer, Maryellen INST:TEACH:10
Individualizing Instruction Hiemstra, Roger, Brocket, Ralph & Sisco, Burton INST:TEACH:11
On Teaching, Volume 2 Shea, M. A. INST:TEACH:12
Active Learning: Creating Excitement in the Classroom Bonwell, Charles C. & Eison, James A. INST:TEACH:13
Cooperative Learning: Increasing College Faculty Instructional Productivity Cooper, Jim & Muck, Randall INST:TEACH:14
Developing Critical Thinkers: Challenging Adults to Explore Alternative Ways of Thinking and Acting Brookfield, Stephen D. INST:TEACH:15
Learning in Adulthood  Merriam, Sharan B. & Caffarella, Rosemary S. INST:TEACH:16
The First Days of School:  How to be an Effective Teacher Wong, Harry K & Wong, Rosemary  INST:TEACH:17
The Teaching Portfolio: Capturing the Scholarship in Teaching Edgerton, Russell, Hutchings, Patricia &  Quinlan, Kathleen INST:TEACH:18
Transformative Dimensions of Adult Learning Mezirow, Jack INST:TEACH:19
Good Start Gibson, Gerald W. INST:TEACH:20
ENVOY Grinder, Michael INST:TEACH:21
Promoting Active Learning Strategies for the College Classroom Meyers, Chet & Jones, Thomas B. INST:TEACH:22
Successful Use of Teaching Portfolios Seldin, Peter & Associates INST:TEACH:23
Successful Use of Teaching Portfolios Seldin, Peter INST:TEACH:24
Teaching Stories Logan, Judy INST:TEACH:25
The Art of Teaching Adults Renner, Peter INST:TEACH:26
Better Teaching, More Learning Davis, James R. INST:TEACH:27
Changing College Classrooms Halpern, Diane F. and Assoc. INST:TEACH:28
ITI: The Model Kovalik, Susan with Olsen, Karen INST:TEACH:29
Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach Vella, Jane INST:TEACH:30
On Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment: A Collection Ben-Hur, Meir INST:TEACH:31
Teaching and Learning in the Community College O’Banion, Terry INST:TEACH:32
Teaching and the Case Method Barnes, Louis B., Christensen, C. Roland, & Hansen, Abby J. INST:TEACH:33
Understanding and Promoting Transformative Learning Cranton, Patricia INST:TEACH:34
Teaching Improvement Practices W. Alan Wright & Associates INST:TEACH:35
The Seven Principles In Action Hatfield, Susan Rickey  Editor INST:TEACH:36
Engaging Ideas Bean, John C. INST:TEACH:37
Professional Development as Transformative Learning Cranton, Patricia  INST:TEACH:38
A Guide for Planning and Implementing Instruction for Adults Dirk and Prenger INST:TEACH:39
Coping with Misconduct in the College Classroom Amada, Ph.D., Gerald INST:TEACH:40
Failing Our Kids: Why the Testing Craze Won't Fix our Schools Swope, Kathy - Editor Miner, Barbara - Editor INST:TEACH:41
To Teach with Soft Eyes   INST:TEACH:42
Access in the Information Age: Community Colleges Bridging the Digital Divide League for Innovation in the Community College INST:TEACH:43
Planning Good Change with Technology and Literacy McKenzie, Jamie, Ed.D INST:TEACH:44
Rethinking Globalization: Teaching for Justice in a Unjust World Biglow, Bill - Editor Peterson, Bob - Editor INST:TEACH:45
What the Best College Teachers Do Bain, Ken INST:TEACH:46

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