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dvd/video - instruction: student learning outcomes

Title, Date

Duration Media
Index #
Are We Done Yet? Moving From SLO's to Learning Assessment, 8/15/2008 Burzycki, Wanda 75 min DVD INST:SLO:21
Assessment Alternatives Student Learning Outcomes, 2/17/2005  Kalina, Michelle 55 min DVD INST:SLO:12
CATS (Classroom Assessment Techniques), 8/18/2006 Kort, Melissa 75 min DVD INST:SLO:15
Course and Program Objectives - Student Learning Outcomes, 2/17/2005 Alancraig, Marcy 46 min DVD INST:SLO:11
Creating Outcomes Syllabi Student Learning Outcomes, 2/17/2005 Alancraig, Marcy 64 min DVD INST:SLO:10
Developing Institutional Student Learning Outcomes at SRJC, 8/13/2004 Gray, Micca & Boatsman, KC 76 min DVD INST:SLO:04
Developing SLO’s for Majors, Certificates & Pathways, 2/19/2008 Abrahamson, Foster, Kelly-Moore 52 min DVD INST:SLO:20
Development and Assessing Institutional Outcomes,  Student Learning Outcomes, 8/13/2004 Allen, Mary 86 min DVD INST:SLO:03
From Course Objectives to Student Learning Outcomes, 8/13/2004 Allen, Mary 68 min DVD INST:SLO:05
Gathering of Assessors: Project Learn, 1/16/2007 Cummings, Victor & Allen, Gary 81 min DVD INST:SLO:17
Helping Students Understand the “Geography” of Your Curriculum: Applying the Mapping Outcomes Tools to Your Program, 8/18/2006 Frongia, Terri & Allen, Gary 90 min DVD INST:SLO:14
It’s All About the Outcomes: How To Write SLO’s for the New Curriculum Database, 8/17/2007 Sands-Miller, Debra 44 min DVD  INST:SLO:19
Journey Through the Assessment Loop, Student Learning Outcomes, 8/13/2004 Ackerman, Susanna; Allen, Gary; Ho, Xuan 79 min DVD INST:SLO:07
Outcomes are the Objective, 1/16/2007 Cummings, Victor & Allen, Gary 81 min DVD INST:SLO:18
Outcomes Assessment & SRJC’s Changing Student Body, Student Learning Outcomes, , 8/13/2004 Cummings, Victor 77 min DVD INST:SLO:06
Plenary Session on SLO'S, 2/16/2010 Thompson, Eric 26 min DVD INST:SLO:24
Project LEARN - Plenary Address - Introduction to Assessment, Student Learning Outcomes, 8/13/2004 Allen, Mary 108 min DVD INST:SLO:02
Rubrics 101 Student Learning Outcomes, 2/17/2005 Gray, Micca & Nguyen, Bin 49 min DVD INST:SLO:13
SLO’s @SRJC-Student Learning Outcomes at SRJC, 2/11/2004 Boatsman, KC & Cummings, Victor 87 min DVD INST:SLO:01
The Devil & SLO'S, 8/15/2008 Thompson, Eric 85 min DVD INST:SLO:23
The Devil is in the Details: SLO'S on the Ground, 2/12/2009 Thompson, Eric & Harris, Dave 88 min DVD INST:SLO:22
The Inspired Teacher & Project Learn (SLO'S & Assessment), 2/5/2010 Various 123 min DVD INST:SLO:25
Tools to Help Faculty with the Variety of Skill Levels in the Classroom, Student Learning Outcomes, 2/17/2005 Boatsman, KC  120 min DVD INST:SLO:09
Using Classroom Assessment Techniques to Improve Student Success, Student Learning Outcomes, 8/13/2004 Burzycki, Kelly-Moore, Larson, Straus 87 min DVD INST:SLO:08
Using Program Outcomes for Student Success: An Introduction to Mapping Program Outcomes, 8/18/2006 Frongia, Terri; Allen, Gary; Sands-Miller, Debra; Thompson, Stephenie 90 min DVD INST:SLO:16

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