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Title, Date

Duration Media
Index #
Affirmative Action or Proposition 2097, 2/6/12 Mance, Ajuan 61 min DVD LEC:AL:78
Art as a Mirror and a Reflection, 3/10/2008 Harris, Virginia 61 min DVD LEC:AL:05
Atheism: Past & Present, 2/22/2010 Thompson, Eric 66 min DVD LEC:AL:37

Barley & Beans for Burgers & Bacon, 9/16/2011

McDougall, John

92 min DVD


The Beauty of Sweden, 3/30/2009 Sven Eriksongymnasiet & Students 63 min DVD LEC:AL:23
Bernard Maybeck: Pioneer in Green Design, 1/30/12 Wilson, Mark 61 min DVD LEC:AL:77
The Border as History: Immigration Debates Past & Present, 10/5/2009 Montejano, PhD. David 62 min DVD LEC:AL:32

Celebrating Rock Art - Shamanic Performance, 10/17/2011

Kremer, Jurgen Werner

66 min


Chicks on Bikes: Dispelling the Myths & Celebrating the Passion of Real Women Motorcyclists (WHM), 3/1/2010 Shook, Christina 42  min DVD LEC:AL:38
Colorstruck, 11/17/2008 Lacy, Donald 56 min DVD LEC:AL:17
Comedy As a Healing Art, 8/23/2010 Bhaerman, Steve (Beyondananda, Swami) 65 min

Comics & the Classics: Combining Art, Literature & Pop-Culture, 10/10/2011

Fajaardo, Alexis E.

45 min


Crazy Wisdom Saves the World Nisker, Wesley “Scoop” 71 min DVD LEC:AL:15
The Danish Welfare System, 9/29/2009 Kureer, Henrik 99 min DVD LEC:AL:31
Divine Proportion: A Mathematician Looks at the Golden Ratio , 1/31/2011 Martin, John 52 min DVD LEC:AL:57

Don't Shoot! I'm the Guitar Man, 9/26/2011

Martin, Buzzy

53 min


The Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives, 2/9/12 Mlodinow, Leonard

80 min


East Eats West, 2/7/2011

Lam, Andrew

36 min DVD


The Election of a President, 10/13/2008 Benfarhat, Jeanette & McCuan, Dr. David 64 min DVD LEC:AL:13
Encaustic Painting, 1/25/2009 Perlman, Mark 65 min DVD LEC:AL:35
Eritria: The Oldest New Nation, 2/8/2010 Tesfamariam, Issayas 61 min DVD LEC:AL:36

The Exploratorium: Learning Science by Doing Science, 10/24/2011

Doherty, Paul

54 min


Films, Shamans & Shamanic Experiences, 1/24/2011 Kremer, Jurgen 68 min DVD LEC:AL:56
Four Decades of Writing, Reading and Teaching, 4/6/2009 Miller, Adam David 65 min DVD LEC:AL:25

Getting to the Meat of the Matter-Debunking the Myths about Eating a Plant-Based Diet, 2/7/2011

Patrick-Goudreau, Colleen

57 min DVD


Frida Kahlo in San Francisco, 8/25/2008 Zarobell, John 59 min DVD LEC:AL:10

Granular State of Matter

Kahn, Ned

60 min DVD


The Great West End & Railroad Square Hand-Car Regatta & Exposition, 8/29/2011

Barricklow, Maxfield, Stithem

53 min DVD


H2O and the Waters of Life, 4/1/2009 Adler, PhD. Les 62 min DVD LEC:AL:24
Holocaust Survivors Talk About Their Experiences, 1/27/2009 Zygeilbaum, Paul
Zygeilbaum, Adele
Zygeibaum, Art
120 min DVD LEC:AL:19
How Did Dinosaurs Grow...and How Did We Know?, 4/5/2008 Padian, Ph.D, Keven 69 min DVD LEC:AL:07
The Impossible Will Take a While, 4/14/2008 Loeb, Paul 60 min DVD LEC:AL:09

In the Kingdom of Shadows: Thrills & Chills in Early Motion Pictures, 10/31/2011

Traina, Mike

51 min


Into the Forest -  A Conversation with Jean Hegland (WOLM), 3/14/2011

Hegland, Jean; Mulcaire, Terry; Walker, Karen

64 min DVD


"Into the Forest" Truth That Fiction Finds (WOLM), 4/5/2010 Hegland, Jean 64 min DVD LEC:AL:40

Iraq & Afghanistan: War Without End or Possibilities for An Enduring Peace? History, Politics, Psychology & Religion (Part I of II), 9/27/2011

Bennett, Gorski, Milligan, Thompson

152 min


Iraq & Afghanistan: War Without End or Possibilities for An Enduring Peace?  Prospects for Peace: Consequences (Part II of II), 9/27/2011

Fuller, Nasseem, Pennington, Veiga

154 min


I Sing the Body Electric: The Amazing Theremin, 1/26/2009 Fintushel, Eliot 63 min DVD LEC:AL:20
Julia Morgan: Architect of Beauty, 9/15/2008  Wilson, Mark 54 min DVD LEC:AL:12
Jungle Medicine: From Medicine to Magic, 10/12/2009 Grauds, Constance 60 min DVD LEC:AL:41

Leap of Faith: How Enmanji Temple was Saved

Hoshino, Lina

59 min DVD


Legacy of the Black Panther Party, 1/26/2009 Howard, Elbert “Big Man” 78 min DVD LEC:AL:18
Legend of 8 Deer: Children of the Plumed Serpent, 10/28/2008 Pohl, John 91 min DVD LEC:AL:14
The Living New Deal...and It’s Impact on the Golden State, 2/25/2008 Brechin, Gray 52 min DVD LEC:AL:02
The Living New Deal: Sonoma County and the North Bay, 2/25/2008 Brechin, Bennett, Crevelli,LeBaron, Markwyn 122 min DVD LEC:AL:03
Living Under the Trees: The World of Indigenous Mexican Migrant Workers, 9/14/2009 Bacon, David 63 min DVD LEC:AL:28
Love in the Open Hand, 2/13/12 Ehret, Terry & Emerson, Donna 59 min DVD LEC:AL:80
Media, Elections and Democracy, 9/8/2008 Solomon, Norman 59 min DVD LEC:AL:11

Memories for Bojacá: Photographic Gifts for an Andean Village

Smith, Dianne

47 min DVD


Men in the Octopus Suit: Corporations and the Creation of California, 11/7/2008 White, Richard 52 min DVD LEC:AL:16

The Mexican Revolution: A Socialist or Liberal Revolution; Myth and Reality

Larque, Laura

58 min DVD


Modeling & Simulation on the Way to Mars, 4/1/2011

Engelund, Walt

67 min DVD


Musical Steel: Steel Pan (Drums) of Trinidad and Tobago, 2/23/2009 Perea, Joe 68 min DVD LEC:AL:21

The Mystery of Mohammed ibn Musa & the First Algebra Textbook, 10/3/2011

Gooch, Dean

48 min


Painting as a Spiritual Odyssey: Confessions of an Itinerant Artist, 4/2/12 Hoffmann, Michael 57 min DVD LEC:AL:83

The Paradox of Transcendence

Fuller, Kremer, Thompson

180 min DVD


Photography: Truth or Fiction, 9/19/11

Breth, Renata

52 min


Poetry Reading: Body Rhymes, 11/2/2009 Emerson, Donna 49 min DVD LEC:AL:33
Prosthetics and Disability in Cuba, 4/7/2008 Batzdorff, Jonathan 53 min DVD LEC:AL:08
Psychological Suffering: Diagnosis & Social Responsibility, 11/2/2009 Kremer, Jurgen 73 min DVD LEC:AL:34
Reconnecting Children with Nature, 4/12/2010 Cleary, Pertschuk, Lipman 64 min DVD LEC:AL:43
Rosies, Wendies, Buds & Rivets: Legacy of (WWII) Home Front (WHM), 3/22/2010 Harris, April & Panel 48 min DVD LEC:AL:42
Running the Sahara 4/13/2009 Peterson, Dr. Jeff 62 min DVD LEC:AL:26
Sex & War: A Darwinian Perspective, 3/2/2009 Potts, Dr. Malcolm 63 min DVD LEC:AL:22
Shamans: The First Healers, 4/19/2010 Krippner, Stanley 65 min DVD LEC:AL:44

Soul from Plato to Motown, 2/26/2011

Rudinow, Joel

65 min DVD


So What? Now What?, 9/21/2009 Bronson, Matthew 63min DVD LEC:AL:29

Siqueiros, Revolutionary Mexican Artist, 1896-1974

White, Tony

62 min DVD


Stagolee, 9/28/2009 Brown, Cecil 60 min DVD LEC:AL:30

Sustainable Sonoma County, 4/11/2011

Axelrod, Cardenas, Greenwood & Hancock 

62 min DVD


Swedish Women and a Model of Gender Equity (WHM), 3/29/2010 Students of Sven Eriksongymnasiet, Boras, Sweden 82 min DVD LEC:AL:39
Tillie Olsen: A Heart in Action, 2/4/2008 Hershey, Annie - Filmmaker 46 min DVD LEC:AL:01
Triumph & Struggles in Women’s Sports, 3/3/2008 Various 67 min DVD LEC:AL:04

U.S. Presidents & Midterm Elections: Prospects for Rewards or Punishment of President Obama in 2010

McCuan, Dr. David

54 min DVD


Varieties of Spiritual Emergence, 3/17/2008 Lukoff, Dr. David 62 min DVD LEC:AL:06

War & Peace Forum: Iraq & Afghanistan: War Without End or Possibilities for an Enduring Peace, 3/17/2011    (Part I)

Bennett, Milligan, Gorski

131 min DVD


War & Peace Forum: Iraq & Afghanistan: War Without End or Possibilities for an Enduring Peace, 3/17/2011    (Part II)

Bennett, Milligan, Gorski

170 min DVD


Water Everywhere - But Not a Drop to Drink (Amazon Rainforest Peruvian Water Project), 4/15/2009 Chanter, Pam - Presenter 65 min DVD LEC:AL:27
Women and Islam, 3/12/12 Saleh, Heidi & Siddiqui, Jaleelah 64 min DVD LEC:AL:82

Wretch Like Me, 8/27/2011

Templeton, David

113 min


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