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dvd/video - Diversity: culture

Title, Date

Duration Media
Index #
All New Bible Free-For-All, 8/12/1999  Lowe, Sandy 89 min VHS DD:CULT:06
Come Smell the Marigolds! Celebration and History of Dia de los Muertos, 8/12/2004 Breth, Renata; Montes, Margarita; Rasor, Raquel; Rosen, Nina 75 min DVD DD:CULT:10
Diversity & Demographics Awareness: “Cultural Lenses”, 4/24/1998 Licht, Ellen  44 min DVD DD:CULT:12

The Egyptian Revolution: A Retrospective, 8/19/2011

Benoit, Ty; Kelly-Moore, Jill; Saleh, Heidi

88 min DVD


Galicia: Travels & Reflections on Galician Spain, 8/13/1999 Murphy, Brion  87 min DVD DD:CULT:07

In Flight with the Dali Lama, 8/19/2011

Navarrette, Luz

99 min DVD


Islam & Islamophobia, 8/19/2011

Kelly-Moore, Jill & Thompson, Eric

87 min DVD


Israel, Palestine and Judaism: Some Light on the Subject, Please, 8/15/2003 Thompson, Eric 159 min DVD DD:CULT:09
Native Americans & Chicano Students in the Classroom, 1/9/1992 Hernandez, Ines 297 min DVD DD:CULT:01
Popular Culture in the United States, 2/11/1999  Thorn, Judith 82 min DVD DD:CULT:05
Reading In the New Middle East, 9/21/2006 Kelly-Moore, Jill; Saleh, Heida
Benfarhat, J.; Hinnenber, Alison
 158 min DVD DD:CULT:11
Rivers of Hope, Rivers of Change: The African-American Experience in Sonoma County, 8/14/1998 Spearman, A. Darius 90 min DVD DD:CULT:04
Roots of Religious Violence, 3/29/2002 Thompson, Eric 199 min DVD DD:CULT:08
Views of a New World: African-American Perspective and a Native-American Perspective, 1/1/1993 California Community College 57 min DVD DD:CULT:02
Views of a New World: Asian-American Perspective and a Hispanic-American Perspective, 1/2/1993 California Community College 53 min DVD DD:CULT:03

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