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Philosophy and Mission

The Sonoma County Junior College District is committed to providing high quality instruction and services to our students. The college’s mission statement and institutional goals highlight the need for faculty and staff who are “knowledgeable and current in their fields.” This commitment identifies the recognized need for an ongoing professional development program at the college.

The district staff development committee structure has been established to facilitate the identification and provision of programs and activities to meet the professional development needs of all district personnel.

The faculty and staff development program includes: a Resource Center for all district personnel; support for sabbatical leaves; a professional development activity calendar of workshops; trainings and individually designed activities; orientation programs for new employees; a variety of ongoing training programs; recognition programs; and support for all district personnel to enhance their knowledge and skills.


Needs Assessment

Assessing the professional development needs of faculty and staff is an ongoing
activity at Santa Rosa Junior College. Needs are assessed in a variety of ways, at both the institutional level and by the various constituent groups. The Staff Development Coordinating Committee is responsible for assessment of the professional development needs of all faculty and staff. The Classified Staff Development Committee, the Faculty Professional Development Committee and the Management Professional Development Committee periodically conduct needs assessments.


Staff Development Goals

1. Provide coordination for faculty and staff development throughout the college.

2. Provide ongoing support services for faculty and staff
development throughout the college.

3. Provide ongoing programs and activities to further professional development for faculty, classified staff and managers.

4. Provide for the recognition of faculty and staff contributions to the college.

5. Provide institutional activities to further professional development for all staff.

6. Improve employee health and safety awareness and comply with regulatory mandates.

7. Provide ongoing training for the integration of educational technologies into the college environment.

8. Continue to assess needs and evaluate the effectiveness of the staff development program.


Resource Center for
Staff Development

The Resource Center houses the offices of the Staff Development Program and the Staff Microcomputer Training and Support Lab.

Location: 437 Elliott Avenue, Santa Rosa
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Phone: (707) 527-4852 Resource Center
(707) 522-2602 Resource Center Coordinator (707) 527-4287 Staff Development Coordinator
(707) 527-4748 PC Trainer/Macintosh
Fax: (707) 522-2651

The Resource Center provides a central locale for:

  • coordination of PDA days and a variety of staff development activities;
  • assistance and support for faculty, administrative, and classified staff development projects;
  • seminars and training activities;
  • information on professional development opportunities;
  • a professional development library of printed and taped materials.


Staff Microcomputer Training and Support Lab

The Staff Microcomputer Training & Support Lab provides drop-in access to microcomputers, internet access, a color scanner, laser and color printers and Macintosh laptops for checkout.
Technical support is available.

Training and support by appointment at 527-4748.

Programs Available:

  • Eudora
  • Netscape
  • Microsoft Word
  • Power Point
  • Microsoft Excel
  • PageMaker
  • Microsoft Works
  • Photoshop
  • Internet Explorer
  • Dreamweaver
  • Appleworks
  • Indesign



Staff Development Coordinating Committee
  • Coordinates the District staff development program;
  • Develops staff development policy by encouraging thorough discussions among all District staff;
  • Establishes and maintains a District Human Resources Development Plan;
  • Reviews the function of all committees concerned with staff development matters;
  • Sets District staff development goals.


Professional Development Activities (PDA) Committee
  • Invites input from all District personnel to develop the Professional Development Activity Day Program;
  • Plans and evaluates the Professional Development Activity Day (Flex Calendar) Program.


Faculty Professional Development Committee
  • Has primary responsibility for faculty development at SRJC;
  • Consults regularly with the Academic Senate to develop programs responsive to the professional needs of faculty at SRJC;
  • Has primary responsibility for faculty development at SRJC;
  • Oversees Improvement of Instruction Project Grants.


Classified Staff Development Committee
  • Assists in the continued development of programs and processes for the recognition of classified staff's contribution within the District including leadership and professional development;
  • Involves classified staff in the planning and integration of staff development programs;
  • Supports programs for personal and professional development.


Management Professional Development Committee
  • Represents all management team members, including confidential staff;
  • Assesses professional development needs of Management Team;
  • Coordinates annual calendar of management team trainings;
  • Liaison with classified staff, faculty, and department chairs for shared trainings.


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