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Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

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Making Connections at SRJC    

Welcome to the Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Web site! You can access information here about how Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and assessment are integrated into the courses and programs at Santa Rosa Junior College.

  • Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) are statements about the knowledge, skills, and abilities that students are expected to gain through college courses, programs, services, and overall experience at SRJC.
  • Assessment refers to the way the college determines how well students have achieved those outcomes.
  • Assessment results inform SRJC about the teaching and learning processes.
  • “Closing the loop” means how the college uses those results to make changes, confirm effective practices, launch new ideas, and then continue the learning and assessment process.

You may use the icons below and the left navigational links to make your own connections with SLOs, assessment, teaching, and learning at SRJC.

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