Academic Senate Passes Resolution Supporting Classified Staff

At its December 6 meeting, SRJC's Academic Senate voted to unanimously support a resolution supporting good relationships with classified staff. The text of the resolution is as follows:

SRJC Academic Senate Classified Relations Resolution

Whereas: Some classified staff have difficulty obtaining release time for participation in PDA days and the institutional governance process. Let it be known to all that the Academic Senate does hereby support that classified staff  be given release time in order to participate in PDA days and in the institutional governance process at Santa Rosa Junior College.

Some classified staff have expressed fear of negative repercussions from managers and/or chairs if they consistently request time off. Let it be known to all that the Academic Senate does not support fear and intimidation towards any employee and request that the appropriate action be taken towards managers and/or chairs that use intimidation and fear as a means of supervision.

Some classified staff have complained of faculty being unsupportive of their issues and have complained about actual disrespectful and insensitive acts and statements by faculty. Let it be known to all that the Academic Senate will make every effort to be sensitive to issues that are of concern to classified staff and support them in a constructive and positive resolution.

Be it resolved that on the 6th day of December in the year 2000, that the Academic Senate of Santa Rosa Junior College does hereby unanimously support the above resolution and acknowledge the importance of good relations between faculty, managers, administrators, trustees, and classified staff.