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Alternative Fuels

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Teaching tomorrow's technology today - SRJC's Alternative fuels classes take you beyond today's traditional fossil-fuel powered vehicles into the world of  green fuel substitutes. Real discussion, experimentation, and change are happening now at the SRJC. Not only does the Alternative Fuels Program provide information to students, each semester there is a lab class that converts vehicles to green fuels. We have done conversions from fossil fuel to veggie oil, electric cars and partial hybrid hydrogen injection vehicles, helping to make the world a greener place.

Green learning for the curious and the caring - Whether you're a hobbyist, college student, scientist, do-it-yourself environmentalist, auto or diesel mechanic, or just someone who's curious or passionate about the field, we have the class that is right for you. We offer lecture-only classes where the instructor lets you know all the possibilities available. For those who prefer a more hands-on approach we offer lab classes where you actually make the world a greener place. We're green, from the information we provide right down to our building. The Alternative Fuels labs are conducted in a solar powered college structure.