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71 Activities Advisor Ziccone, Deborah
67 Assistant Director, Bookstore Minor, Rachel
95 Assistant Director, Student Affairs Phifer, Brian
106 Assistant Director, Student Health Services - Mental Health Programs Epstein, Bert
85 Budget Coordinator, Confidential Close, Linda
47 Chief of Police Duenas, Lorenzo
102 Coordinator, College to Career Eigenauer, Lindsay
73 Coordinator, MESA Programs Rosales, Darci
40 Dean I, Student Affairs and Engagement Programs Ethington, Robert
58 Dean II, Admissions, Records & Enrollment Development Pereira, Freyja
27 Dean II, Agriculture/Natural Resources & Culinary Arts Srinivasan, Ganesan
16 Dean II, Arts and Humanities Szabados, Anna
14 Dean II, Business and Professional Studies Adams, Joshua
30 Dean II, Child Development and Teacher Education Garcia, Yolanda
15 Dean II, Health Sciences Chigazola, Deborah
12 Dean II, Instruction and Enrollment Management, Petaluma Campus Williams, Catherine
29 Dean II, Instruction and Strategic Program Development Prince, Catherine
80 Dean II, Instruction and Technical Services, Petaluma Campus Vacant
20 Dean II, Kinesiology, Athletics & Dance/Athletics Director Markovich, Matt
19 Dean II, Language Arts and Academic Foundations Cummings, Victor
18 Dean II, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Lewis, Stephen
10 Dean II, Student Services, Petaluma Campus Long, Matthew
87 Dean II, Student Success, Equity and Retention Collier, Li
08 Dean III, Career and Technical Education and Economic Development Miller, Jerald
07 Dean III, Counseling & Special Programs Lee, Marty *
09 Dean III, Curriculum and Educational Support Services Farkas, Abraham
98 Dean III, Facilities Planning & Operations Vacant
22 Dean III, Learning Resources & Educational Technology Virtue, Alicia
06 Dean III, Liberal Arts and Sciences Abrahamson, Kris
17 Dean III, Public Safety Chapman, April
105 Dean III, Student Conduct & Diabled Students Programs and Services Wegman, Patie
68 Director, Admissions & Enrollment Services Smith, Vayta
90 Director, ADN Program Valdez, Anna
44 Director, Bookstore Martinez, Anthony
117 Director, Capital Projects Sata, Leigh
74 Director, Career Development Services and CalWORKs Program Hunnemeder-Bergfelt, Lily
45 Director, Communication & Marketing Maremont Silver, Ellen
33 Director, Community Education Rhoades, Jeffrey
116 Director, Distance Education Beach, Lisa
31 Director, EOPS (Educational Opportunity Programs & Svcs.)/CARE Barragan, Inez
25 Director, Facilities Operations Bielen, Paul
92 Director, Fiscal Services Jolley, Katharyn
109 Director, Gateway to College Program Shannon, Vanessa
120 Director, Health Occupations Preparation & Education Program (HOPE) Dulberg, Jeannie
91 Director, Human Resources Hopkins, Sarah
11 Director, Information Technology Conrad, Scott
81 Director, Institutional Research Greaney, KC
34 Director, Public Safety - Basic Academy Brown, Lanny
38 Director, Public Safety - Fire Technology Collins, Randy
35 Director, Public Safety - In Service Programs Arnold, Charisse
104 Director, Public Safety - Modular Law Enforcement/Ranger Academy Marvin, Brian
50 Director, Purchasing & Graphics Services Rivera, Laura
114 Director, Student Equity Bertone, Genevieve
26 Director, Student Financial Services Cox, Jana
41 Director, Student Health Services Quinn, Susan
113 Director, Workforce Development Nighswonger, Eve
75 Executive Assistant to Superintendent/President & Board of Trustees, Confidential Magee, Erin
77 Executive Assistant/Academic Affairs, Confidential Golden, Frances
76 Executive Assistant/Finance & Administrative Services, Confidential St. Clair, Susan
78 Executive Assistant/Human Resources, Confidential Dixon, Brenda
89 Human Resources Analyst, Senior, Confidential Muskar, Susan
83 Human Resources Specialist/Benefits, Confidential Burke, Louise
82 Human Resources Specialist/Systems & Compensation, Confidential Waggoner, Gina
61 Lieutenant, District Police Brownlee, Robert *
107 Manager, Access for Students with Disabilities Vacant
49 Manager, Agricultural Pavilion/Winemaker, Shone Farm Winery Wills, Christopher
52 Manager, Building & Equipment Maintenance Watts, Gary
103 Manager, Curriculum Development and Distance Education Vacant
62 Manager, Custodial Services Rodriguez Aguilera, Javier
108 Manager, Employment Equity Vacant
54 Manager, Environmental Health & Safety Kuula, Douglas
64 Manager, Financial Aid McMullin, Lynn
65 Manager, Grounds & Recycling Dobson, Carl
99 Manager, Instructional Computing Roth, Mike
100 Manager, Internet Services Vacant
51 Manager, Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure Exelby, Daniel
53 Manager, Media Services Bowden, Russ
70 Manager, Media Services/Petaluma Campus Pearson, Matthew
66 Manager, Payroll Desai, Deepa
48 Manager, Petaluma Business Services Lewis, Katherine
57 Manager, Scholarship Programs Cutcher, Rachel
55 Manager, Shone Farm Diggs, Leonard
112 Manager, Southwest Santa Rosa Center Delgado, Hector
42 Manager, Systems and Programming Webb, Don
121 Manager, Training and Compliance Vacant
118 Manager, Workforce Training & Instructional Partnerships Davis, Bradford
111 Payroll Analyst Hotchkiss, Lisa
59 Police Sergeant Stinson, William; Brownlee, Robert, Potter, Steven & James, Daniel *
69 Program Supervisor, Child Development Centers Vacant
96 Programmer Analyst, Senior/Confidential Mercer, John
56 Project Coordinator, Foster & Kinship Care Education Program Lawrence, Nickolas
115 Project Director, Title V (HSI - Hispanic Serving Institution) Arias, Juan
01 Superintendent/President Chong, Frank
63 Supervisor, Custodial Services Tewoldeberhan, Tsegai
119 Supervisor, Technical Services Vacant
02 Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs/Assistant Superintendent Rudolph, Mary Kay
03 Senior Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services/Assistant Superintendent Roberts, Douglas
23 Vice President of Human Resources Furukawa, Karen
04 Vice President of Student Services/Assistant Superintendent Navarrette, Ricardo
36 Vice President, Petaluma Campus Saldaña-Talley, Jane
    * - Temporary or Interim Assignment


Date last updated: January 13, 2015