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What is the Ask Me Initiative?

Got Questions? We have answers!

Asking Questions is an important Habit of Mind to be successful in school! You'll notice people on campus wearing Ask Me buttons and sitting at Ask Me tables. Ask us your questions about SRJC. We want you to be successful, and we're here to help.

Where do I find Ask Me representatives?

Look for people wearing Ask Me buttons on campus or visit one of our Ask Me Hotspots:
Santa Rosa Campus - Bertolini Hallway just outside Student Activity Center
Petaluma Campus -Cafeteria

Ask Me Table Schedule Fall 2014

Fall Semester Dates Timeframe SRJC Ask Me Representative SRJC Ask Me Representative
Week 2 8/25-8/26 Mon-Tue
12-1 PM
Admissions/Records Financial Aid
Week 2 8/27-8/28 Wed-Thu
12-1 PM
Admissions/Records Financial Aid
Week 3 9/2-9/4 Tue-Thu
12-1 PM
Student Engagement Programs English
Week 4 9/9 Tuesday
12-1 PM
Week 5 9/17 Wednesday
12-1 PM
Tutorial Center Counseling/Speech/KAD
Week 6 9/23 Tuesday
12-1 PM
Assessment English/Writing Center
Week 7 10/1 Wednesday
12-1 PM
Counseling Student Health Services
Week 8 10/7 Tuesday
12-1 PM
Counseling Counseling
Week 9 10/15 Wednesday
12-1 PM
Computer Studies  
Week 10 10/21 Tuesday
12-1 PM
Week 11 10/29 Wednesday
12-1 PM
English Vocational Degree Nursing
Week 12 11/4 Tuesday
12-1 PM
Admissions/Records Counseling
Week 13 11/12 Wednesday
12-1 PM
English Associate Degree Nursing
Week 14 11/18 Tuesday
12-1 PM
Assessment Representative  
Week 15 11/24 Monday
12-1 PM
College Skills  
Week 16 12/2 Tuesday
12-1 PM
Admissions and Records Counseling

Ask Me Overview

In an effort to further enhance SRJC's vibrant academic culture and ensure that all students feel connected and comfortable at SRJC, several SRJC has built an Ask Me Initiative, which is a college wide effort that seeks to create a culture of inquiry while also strengthening students' connection to SRJC's employees, resources, and student body

Have you asked any of the questions below while here at SRJC:

  • Where do I purchase a parking permit?
  • How do I get Priority Registration?
  • Where do I talk to a counselor?
  • What is the Cybear Center? What happens there? Is that where I get a student identification card?
  • Who do I talk to about campus employment?
  • Can I get a scholarship to cover tuition and/or books?

Imagine walking around SRJC's campuses and having these and other questions answered just as you need the information. Or having a question, but not knowing which building to enter to locate the person who has the answer to your question. Asking questions and problem solving are important Habits of Mind that lead to student success; Habits of Mind are the intellectual practices that successful students use when faced with problems and challenges. By encouraging you to ask questions, seek out and utilize resources, and connect with SRJC employees, SRJC hopes to enhance your success and support you in achieving your educational goals.

Ask Me provides just-in-time answers when and where you need them, allowing for a decrease in amount of time needed to locate answers and more time for academic work. You are invited to ask questions at Ask Me hotspots located on each campus. Also, when you see someone wearing an Ask Me button, feel free to ask them a question about SRJC's extensive resources and opportunities. Student Success Lives Everywhere at SRJC and the Ask Me program is a visible manifestation of that success.

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