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Interested in becoming an athletic trainer, physical therapist, nurse, coach, personal trainer or other sports injury-related profession? Email Head Athletic Trainer, Monica Ohkub, today to talk about how you can get involved with our program!

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Rob SunAT Student Serves His Country and SRJC Athletics International student, Dong Min “Rob” Sun, has just been accepted as a transfer student to San Jose State University’s Kinesiology program. Rob started in SRJC’s Sports Medicine and Athletic Training Program in Fall 2008. After one year in the program, he had to return to his home country of South Korea to fulfill his mandatory military service commitment. Head Athletic Trainer, Monica Ohkubo, recalls Rob saying, “I’ll be back right after I finish my service. See you then.” Three years later, in Spring 2013, Ohkubo heard a knock on the Athletic Training Room door over Winter Break. The door opened, and there stood Rob. “I’m back!” Compared to the average Athletic Training Student, Rob has overcome extreme challenges, including international enrollment fees, English as his second language, distance from his support system of family and friends and a mandatory three year leave of absence from SRJC. Rob has over 700 hours of experience working with all Bear Cub sports. Luisa McInnis, sophomore volleyball player, said “Rob is very personable. He also does a good job of communicating and remembering specific needs of each athlete.” Rob has volunteered extensively with football, men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball, and he always comes to the Athletic Training Room with a good attitude and strong work ethic. “Rob has not only faced, but has overcome so many obstacles during his educational journey at SRJC. He is a man of his word, and was determined to complete our transfer program from Day One. I am proud to know such a persistent, loyal and hard-working person, and have no doubt that he will represent SRJC with distinction at the next level,” said Ohkubo. Rob will transfer to San Jose State this fall, where he will apply for admission into the Athletic Training Education Program. Upon completing his undergraduate degree, Rob plans to pursue a Masters degree. He aspires to be a Certified Athletic Trainer and work with collegiate or professional athletes in the United States. 2/12/14

NEW Kinesiology: Athletic Training Preparation Major

The Santa Rosa Junior College Kinesiology: Athletic Training Preparation Associate of Arts degree provides students with the opportunity to meet the requirements for transfer to a Commission of Accreditation for Athletic Training Education (CAATE) accredited four-year college and university Athletic Training Education Programs (ATEPs). The program in Kinesiology: Athletic Training Preparation includes typical lower division requirements for four-year college and university CAATE accredited ATEP programs; some requirements vary from college to college. Students are advised to meet with a counselor for appropriate campus specific course requirements before selecting courses. Click here to view the Major Requirements.

Santa Rosa Junior College Sports Medicine and Athletic Training Program currently serves 20 intercollegiate sports teams and our dance ensemble and dance production groups.  Since its inception in 1971, the SRJC Athletic Training Program offers a broad spectrum of injury management for student-athletes and an academic experience for athletic training students. The SRJC Sports Medicine and Athletic Training Program is complimented by SRJC course offerings related to sports medicine and athletic training.  This coursework, coupled with hands-on experience in the athletic training room, provide the student an educational arena in which to prosper academically, and affords ample opportunities for learning in the areas of injury management, such as prevention, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, and  athletic training room protocol. The Sports Medicine and Athletic Training Program at SRJC enhances student marketability and increases the potential for transfer to CAATE (Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education) accredited colleges and universities. Our program is not only for those aspiring to transfer and become certified athletic trainers!  Students interested in coaching, physical therapy, personal training, kinesiology, physical education, nursing, pre-med, and beyond, are encouraged to participate in our program.  The hands-on lab experience is invaluable for those hoping to get involved in the healthcare or athletic fields! Locally, our Sports Medicine and Athletic Training Program serves as a career elective site for high school health pathway programs whereby students visit our sports medicine facility to job shadow and learn skills, protocols, and methodologies related to this field of study. A recent renovation of the sports medicine facility has resulted in a premier 3,000 square foot facility. The facility includes a large taping counter, ultrasound and muscle stimulation machines, ice tanks, a variety of rehabilitation equipment, several examination and massage tables, as well as a private examination room. Three professional certified athletic trainers, Monica Ohkubo, Guy Mohr and Jeremy Vandehurst, and a committed group of athletic training students, staff this well-facilitated learning environment. Dedicated team physicians, Ty Affleck and Kent Yinger, further enhance our program.



Monica Ohkubo

Head Athletic Trainer, Program Director

Monica Ohkubo, MA, ATC, EMT-B
(707) 527-4323 office
(707) 521-6942 FAX

Guy Mohr

Assistant Athletic Trainer
Guy Mohr, ATC, CSCS, PTA
(707) 527-4323 office
(707) 521-6942 FAX

Shauna Horton

Assistant Athletic Trainer
Sports Medicine & Athletic Training Instructor
Shauna Horton, MS, ATC
(707) 527-4323 office
(707) 521-6942 FAX

Dr. Ty Affleck

Team Physician

Dr. Yinger

Team Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Nancy Chinn

Acquired Brain Injury Specialist

Dr. Richard Mordecai

Team Chiropractor
Dr. Richard Mordecai, D.C.


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