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Child Care FAQs

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  1. Do you have subsidies for low cost child care as well as slots for those who can pay the full cost?
    Yes. Almost all of our slots are designated for income eligible students and/or those receiving public assistance. We also have a few nonsubsidized slots available for those able to pay for child-care services.

  2. Can I get on the eligibility list if I’m pregnant?
    No. We need to have a name and birth date to place someone on the list. You can call back as soon as the baby is born, but he or she will not be eligible for care until six months of age. A sibling of a child already on the waiting list can be added to the original application after he or she is born and will have the original intake date.

  3. How long is the eligibility list? Will I get in next semester or next year?
    Our subsidized care eligibility list varies between 750 and 1,000 families. We estimate that only 40 to 60 new families will get in each year. Our eligibility list is prioritized according to state guidelines with priority going to families who already have a child enrolled, at-risk families, and those with the lowest per capita income. Subsidized spaces are available only to families where at least one of the parents or guardians is enrolled at SRJC. A few slots are available to those who can pay the full fee. While these statistics may seem daunting, we encourage you to get on the eligibility list. Remember, some families do get in!

  4. Do I have a better chance to get in if I'm a part-time or full-time student?
    Although you must take at least six units, the number of units a student takes does not impact his/her chances of getting in the center on a subsidized slot. The rank you are assigned to on the subsidized eligibility list is based solely on your family size and gross monthly income (exceptions to this are at-risk referrals and siblings of currently enrolled children). Most of our student parents are full-time students; however, part-time students are also eligible. Subsidized slots are only given to those pursuing a vocational or educational goal. We cannot provide child care to those interested in taking a class solely for purposes of self-enrichment. Preference is given to full-time slots on our fee-paying list.

  5. I've been on the list for over two years and I know a family that was on the list for just six months and got in. Why did this happen?
    The subsidized eligibility list is not on a first come, first served basis. Siblings of currently enrolled children and at-risk families have first priority, with income eligible families following (the lower your income, the higher your priority ranking). The other consideration is the age of the child. Different classrooms serve different age groups and we can only place a child in the room where the vacancy has occurred.