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SRJC Disctrict Police

The District Police Department is not a branch of any other law enforcement agency. District Police Officers are empowered with full peace officer status. They make felony and misdemeanor arrests, investigate crimes, and enforce traffic laws. All District Police Officers have law enforcement authority throughout the state. Each officer graduated from a regional police academy and receives training throughout the year, including firearms, defensive tactics, and first aid/CPR. All newly hired Police Officers must pass a 16-week field training and evaluation program.

Police Officers receive specialized training in investigative and tactical techniques, which include: evidence and property, crime prevention, sexual assault investigation, advanced officer safety, drug influence recognition, and disaster response, among others. Officers take part in countywide meetings, regional police training planning, and often assist local and state police agencies with law enforcement duties. Each officer is a member of the Police Officers Research Association of California.

Community Service Officers are the first line of support for the Police Officers. Many are trained in, and have the responsibility for, field evidence, taking crime reports, parking enforcement, records management, and dispatch. They are trained in first aid and CPR. They also provide general community oriented services such as battery jumps, door openings, and fingerprinting.

Cadets provide a high profile presence on SRJC sites by being in uniform and carrying department radios. They assist both the Police Officers and Community Service Officers in their duties.

The District Police Department of the Santa Rosa Junior College is located in the Pedroncelli Center, on the north corner of Elliott Avenue and Armory Drive.

Both the Santa Rosa and Petaluma campus offices are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (707) 527-1000. Click here for a map.

The District includes 13 sworn Police Officers, 6 police dispatchers, 12 unsworn Community Services Officers, and 15 to 30 Cadets (varies by semester). This Police Department was P.O.S.T. accredited in 1988. SRJC has over 36,000 students, faculty, and staff a semester combined with dozens of other sites across Sonoma County.


SRJC Emergency Text Messaging System, ALERTU.

ALERTU communicates official information during critical SRJC emergencies via text message to your cell phone.

Sign up instructions:

1. With your cell phone, text the letters SRJC to 55155. (55155 is the text phone number to the ALERTU system.)
2. You will receive a 'welcome' text message.
3. Reply with the letter "Y" for yes.
4. Program 55155 into your phone's address book under the name ALERTU. This will allow you to recognize the sender if an emergency message is sent.


SRJC PoliceDistrict Police
(707) 527-1000

The Jeanne Clery Crime Statistics Act Report 2009-2010



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