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IT Support - Windows 7 UAC - Dark screen asking for permission

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Support type: Windows: Troubleshooting
Last updated: Feb 21, 2012
Topic ID: 49

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Topic Summary

The SRJC IT department is starting to deploy Windows 7. One of the common confusing things about Windows 7 is the User Account Control dialog boxes. Because of its greater attention to security, Microsoft has made it more difficult for problematic software to infiltrate your computer. As a result, sometimes, if you install software or change system settings, you may experience the following:

This security method, called User Account Control (UAC), is implemented by Microsoft to help draw attention to an action most likely started by the user. If you did not initiate the action (such as installing a piece of software or changing system settings) DO NOT CLICK CONTINUE OR YES.

Most SRJC users do not have administrative rights on their computers and so they may see this kind of behavior when attempting to install software.

If you have questions, contact the Help Desk and IT can help clarify what specifically may be causing UAC to pop up.

  1. User Account Control in action

    User Account Control in action