Beginning February 1, 2013, all students and faculty/staff will be required to log into their myCubby portal using their 9-digit SRJC Student/Faculty ID number and will not be able to use their SSN (Social Security Number) interchangeably in that field. Now is a good time to assure that you know your SID number or that you have it stored for quick retrieval.

If you do not know your 9-digit Faculty ID number for the Portal, use the following link to have it emailed to you:

Why the change?

Several years ago, in order to comply with Federal regulations and to protect our students/faculty/staff, SRJC transitioned to using a Student Identification number (SID), replacing the use of a Social Security number as the primary identifier for students. This is an added layer of protection that we have now added.

SRJC will continue to collect Social Security numbers, as they are necessary for financial aid recipients, federal tax credits, and state data reporting. But only the new SID number will be printed on all SRJC documents and records.

Thank you.