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SIS Update

There will be an SIS update immediately at 12:00 PM today. If you are using SIS from your desktop or over Citrix, please close it and remain off before that time until I notify that the upgrade is complete. Those that are still on at that time will be automatically booted from SIS and may lose any work that was not saved.

Login Change on Faculty Portal - SSNs no longer work

Beginning February 1, 2013, all students and faculty/staff will be required to log into their myCubby portal using their 9-digit SRJC Student/Faculty ID number and will not be able to use their SSN (Social Security Number) interchangeably in that field. Now is a good time to assure that you know your SID number or that you have it stored for quick retrieval.

If you do not know your 9-digit Faculty ID number for the Portal, use the following link to have it emailed to you:

Why the change?

Several years ago, in order to comply with Federal regulations and to protect our students/faculty/staff, SRJC transitioned to using a Student Identification number (SID), replacing the use of a Social Security number as the primary identifier for students. This is an added layer of protection that we have now added.

SRJC will continue to collect Social Security numbers, as they are necessary for financial aid recipients, federal tax credits, and state data reporting. But only the new SID number will be printed on all SRJC documents and records.

Thank you.

HP 3000 Shut Down coming soon

The SRJC migrated our student information systems and financial and purchasing systems off of the HP 3000 computer over the last 3 to 5 years. It is now time to retire the HP 3000 as it is older than many of our students.

IT would like to announce that the legacy HP3000 is scheduled to be retired at the end of this month, August 31, 2012. If you have been accessing the HP3000 to obtain historical data, all historical data prior to 2008 has been archived to our new server. In addition, this will include the retirement of the HP 3000 line printer. Therefore, IT will no longer be able to print labels after August 31. Label printing will be the responsibility of each department. If you need access to specific historical data prior to 2008 or need instructions on how to print labels, please send a request through our IT Help Desk. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the retirement of the HP 3000 and the HP 3000 line printer, please contact Don Webb at or Tony Sawyer at

News about the SRJC libraries

The District is implementing a change in how public computers will be accessed in the SRJC Libraries. Library users will need to sign in with a Santa Rosa Junior College ID and Personal Information Number (PIN) to access library resources. Users will sign in at the beginning of every computer session and end each session by restarting the computer when finished to protect account privacy.

Members of the community who wish to use SRJC library computers may apply for a Community User Account. With this account, community users are given one hour of computer access each day.

More About This Project

Why is the District making this change? Responding to a request by Associated Students for improved access to library resources, the District has taken this step to ensure students have access to library materials and resources. Community access is being preserved, but on a limited basis.

When will the authentication system be implemented? The authentication system is being implemented in a phased approach at both College libraries over the summer months. It will be in place and fully operational in the fall 2012 semester.

Does this access system apply to everyone? Yes. All library public access computers will require use of a Santa Rosa Junior College ID and Personal Information Number for use. Alumni members, Gold Card users, and Sonoma State University students may login to the computers just like any currently enrolled student. They will be directed to a public service desk for initial assistance in establishing their access. All SRJC employees will also need to sign in with their SID and PIN to use the public workstations.

How will library users learn about this change? Information is being disseminated to library users in several ways. Physical signage is being placed at the computer workstations as the system is being implemented, and information handouts will be distributed throughout the libraries and at student welcome tables at the beginning of the fall semester. The library is actively using its social media channels and website to alert students to the upcoming change, and in the fall all students will receive notification of the login requirement via the Student Cubby system.

What other computer options are available to non-registered students? Free wireless Internet access remains available to all users who have their own laptop, PDA, smartphone or other wireless device at both SRJC libraries. In addition, the Sonoma County Public Libraries offer public Internet computers that may be used for one hour each day at any regional library to registered Sonoma County Public Library members.

Can full-time students who are between registration sessions still access library computers? Yes. SRJC student accounts can be activated upon request by library staff at any public service desk.

What happens at other California community college libraries? Over half of California community college libraries limit library computer access to registered students. These policies are motivated by the same desire to improve available access to library resources by the student population.

Registration Update #2

Update - SIS is back up and working. We are sorry for the frustration and inconvenience.

Due to the overwhelming number of students trying to register simultaneously, our computerized registration system needs to be shut down and re-booted. If you have classes in your "shopping cart" they will remain in your cart until 3:00 pm. You may log back on to the system after 9:15 am and you will be able to finalize your registration. We sincerely regret the frustration inconvenience this has caused to our students. Thank you for your patience!

Registration Update

IT is working on the registration problem. We had over 10,000 log ins at 6 AM that caused the system to get extremely slow. As people gave up the system slowly came back and appeared to be working slowly by 6:20 AM. The problem is now with SIS completing the checkout process. Students get to the end of the registration and the system hangs up. Since they don’t want to lose their classes they are staying logged in (several thousand at the moment and growing). We are trying our best to figure out how to break the log jam and get the system working normally. We will send another update as soon as we get some progress.

Best regards,


Portal and SRJC Web Access Slow

Due to priority registration this morning, the Student and Faculty Portals are running slowly and our main Web server is also impacted. IT is aware of the issue and will update the blog when we know more. Thank you for your understanding.

Student and Faculty Portal is down (updated)

The Student and Faculty Portal is currently offline. IT is aware of the issue and is in the process of resolving it. We will provide an update when the portal is back online or when we have an ETA.

UPDATE 9:00 AM - The Portal is back up and functioning normally.


Update on SIS/Important Announcements


Hello Everyone,
The Systems and Programming Team has completed their maintenance window for the SIS this morning, with the following important notices being issued:

IF YOU PROCESS CREDIT CARDS via the SIS – On FRIDAY 10/21 ONLY, you will need to launch the SIS via Citrix ( Visit and click on Citrix under Technology Portals on the Left-Side Menu), and NOT use the SIS Desktop Icon. Credit Card Processing will return to normal on Monday morning 10/24. If you need help using Citrix, or experience problems please call the help desk at x1765. Again, everything should return to normal on Monday morning 10/24, and you will be able to use the SIS Desktop Icon to process Credit Cards on Monday morning.

IF YOU DO NOT PROCESS CREDIT CARDS – The SIS has returned to normal operation. If you are having problems, please reboot, login and try again. If you still have problems, please contact the help desk at x1765.

Thank you for your patience and attention.

SIS/Student Information System Problem

Good Morning Everyone,

We are aware of a problem in which selected screens (for example the Students and Student Lookup screens) within the Student Information System (SIS) are not loading. The Systems and Programming Team is working on a solution to this problem. Thank you for your patience.

We will send another email when the problem is resolved or by 9:30am with an update.

Thank you.

UPDATE (9:09AM) - We’ve been notified that the problem has been resolved. You may need to shut down and reboot, login and then launch the SIS again if you are still running into problems.

Link to this page