Ms. Jill Lewis

Jill Lewis is the program manager in Instructional Services at Glendale Community College, facilitating accreditation projects and the program review. Jill has worked in a variety of positions at GCC during the past 15 years including: contract analyst, assessment center manager, and as campaign manager for the college’s 2002 Bond Measure G. She was accreditation co-chair in 2004 and is currently co-chair for GCC’s upcoming 2010 site visit. Jill is an advocate for adult re-entry students having changed careers several times. She completed her B.A. while working at Lockheed Skunk Works and received an M.B.A from Pepperdine University in 2001. This is her second visiting team experience with Dr. Levy and she enjoys meeting new people in the CCC system. Jill is a wine lover and enjoys visiting wineries and wine growing regions on the west coast and in Europe.