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How do I get a job as a student worker on the grounds?

First of all ask yourself if you are willing, and able, to labor physically in all kinds of weather. If yes, then fill out a student employment application obtained in the Student Employment Center in Bussman Hall. Next, call Nancy Moorhead, Grounds Manager, at 524-1611 to make an appointment. If there is currently an available position, she will set up an appointment for an interview with you. Bring your application and be prepared to discuss your class schedule. There are two minimum requirements: you need to have a valid California drivers license, and you need to be available to work from 7:30 a.m. until at least 11:00 a.m., Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for Gardener's Assistant, 12 p.m. to M-F for Recycling Assisitant. Maximum work hours during the Spring and Fall semesters are 20 per week. More hours may be available during the summer session, and the semester breaks.

How are the Oak trees doing?

This question usually indicates concern for the hundred or so large old Quercus lobatas (Valley Oaks), rather than the "Oak trees " in general. The answer is that 98% of them are doing just fine, at least as well as can be expected for geriatric cases. We can expect some losses in the future, but hopefully entropy will be slow to take it's toll. We're doing everything reasonable to keep them healthy and safe. We're presently growing approximately 450 Valley Oaks on the main campus, ranging from 2 year saplings to 250 year old monarchs.

What kind of plant is that?

We get asked this and related questions alot while working on the grounds. Let us know which plant you're curious about. Chances are we can tell you it's name. If not, we can probably find out.

What are the growing conditions required for a certain plant?

We field such questions about common plants if we're not too busy at the time. For inquiries about more exotic specimens, we may refer you to another source for that information.

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