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Day Under The Oaks

2014 Craft Vendor Form

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  1. All crafts will be reviewed by the Day Under the Oaks Crafts Committee and must be the creation of the applicant. Craftspeople are not allowed to sell items they did not make themselves.
  2. No kits, tumble stones, embellished objects, edible art, or plants may be submitted.
  3. Photos of the items(s) to be sold must be submitted with the applications (all photos will be returned). Selections will be based on the quality of workmanship, uniqueness of design, and presentation.
  4. Please list all the items you intend to sell. Only items approved in advance may be sold at your booth.
  5. Craft Vendor fee is $50.
  6. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Please complete the entire form.
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Location/Selection: Approximately 50 craft booths will be selected for participation in Day Under the Oaks 2013. The booths will be reviewed by the Crafts Committee and selections will be made based offering the widest variety of quality crafts in the limited space available. Crafts booths will be located on a paved and flat area. Crafters should provide for their own shade. In case of rain, crafts people will be relocated under the eaves of a nearby building.

Every effort will be made to put the Native American craft booths close to the Native American celebration. If you are a Native American crafts person, please indicate your tribal affiliation:

Read the following policies and responsibilities before submitting the form below

Day Under the Oaks Crafts Booth Application General Policies and Responsibilities
  1. Craft Booth Application must be completed and signed on both sides, and submitted with full fee by February 28, 2014 to be considered. Incomplete or unsigned applications, or applications received without fees, will be returned.
  2. Fee is $50 per booth/artist.
  3. Crafts must be the creation of the applicant.
  4. Day Under the Oaks will be held rain or shine. There are no refunds due to inclement weather. In the event of rain, booths can be relocated under the eves of Barker Hall. In this location the booth spaces will be 10'x 10', and no canopys/tarps will be allowed. Please plan accordingly.
  5. Booths with canopies/tarps must have all string/ropes and stakes flagged for safety reason.
  6. Set up time for booths is between 7 AM and 9:30 AM.
  7. All booths will be inspected at 9:30 AM by the Crafts Jury for compliance with items listed on the approved application. PLEASE NOTE: All booths and materials will be reviewed for safety considerations (sharp corners, uncovered extension cords, exposed metal edges, chemical solvents, motors or other mechanical devices, electrical connections, etc.) Any unsafe conditions must be corrected or removed before 10 AM.
  8. Crafts people whose booths do not comply with the approved application may be asked to leave.
  9. The Crafts Jury reserves the right to establish major sales area on campus and reserves the right to distribute the approved applicants throughout those major sales areas.
  10. Tear down time for all booth is between 4 PM and 5 PM.
  1. Crafts people are responsible for their own set up, security, sales and equipment (tables and chairs are not provided).
  2. SRJC is not responsible for any personal injuries, property damage of loss.
  3. Crafts people are expected to conduct themselves in a pleasant, professional manner.
  4. No dogs, except assistance dogs are allowed on campus.
  5. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on campus.
  6. Any music in crafts booths must be cleared with the Day Under the Oaks Committee.

By submitting this application accompanied by my $50 Application fee, indicates my acceptance of the rules and regulations listed above.

Make your check payable to: SRJC Day Under the Oaks. Your check will be returned if your application is not accepted.

Mail the $50 fee to:

DUO Crafts Jury - Student Affairs Office
Santa Rosa Junior College
1501 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Questions? Call Kathy Matthies at 524-1554.