Betty Biodiesel the Attainable Sustainable Supershero
is here to help us learn how to save our earth!

BETTY's Superpowers ARE:

  • sunflower bulletHer sunflowers grow anywhere, even where chemicals were dumped
  • sunflower bulletShe can crack up concrete with the strength of her roots
  • sunflower bulletHer root boots give her the power to hear what the earth is saying
  • sunflower bulletHer watering can reminds us all of our connection to water
  • sunflower bulletClean water makes her powers stronger
  • sunflower bulletShe has the power to move with the sun
  • sunflower bulletShe generates oil from the seeds to make fuel for school buses
  • sunflower bulletShe sends truth telling energy to people who twist the truth
  • sunflower bulletShe sends positive healing energy to those who feel sick or depressed
  • sunflower bulletShe makes people smile when they look at her, even the most angry


  • sunflower bulletIf she doesn’t get enough clean water and sun Betty Biodiesel starts to wilt and get weak