Betty Biodiesel is an ecosupershero character developed by Lindsay Hassett, Green MBA, MA. Since the tender young age of 2, Lindsay has been dressing up in costumes and entertaining audiences. She started with her parents, friends and neighbors and now not only entertains but also educates Northern California school children along with conference attendees and festival goers.

She developed Betty Biodiesel in March 2002, out of Lindsay's passion for connecting the three E's: education, entertainment and the environment. After a year of researching other superheroes, she soon realized that while Batman, Superman and Catwoman are wonderful superheroes that inspire us, there also is a great need for superheroes with a mission of saving our earth's resources.

The real creation story of Betty Biodiesel as an ecosupershero is yet to be told.

Stay tuned to the site and check back often, especially the kid's page, for super seeded developments.