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Math 15: Elementary Statistics
Spring 2015
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Stat Calculator
Goodness of Fit Test Calculator
Chi-Square Test Calculator
Statistics Demonstrations
Math 5: Linear Algebra
Spring 2015
    Homework Assignments
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Linear Algebra Toolkit
Slumdog Transformations
Eigenvector Demo
Math 155: Intermediate Algebra
Spring 2015
Math 4: Discrete Math
Spring 2015
Textbook Errors
Euclidean Algorithm Demonstration
Euclidean Algorithm Demonstration (HTML5 version)
Playing Cards Demonstration
Tower of Hanoi Animation
Traveling Salesman Problem Applets
Prim Algorithm Applet
Euler Circuit Construction
Kruskal Algorithm Applet
Minimum Spanning Tree for 128 Cities
Prim and Kruskal Algorithms Demo
Math 1C: Calculus 3rd Semester
UMN Multivariable Calculus Notes
Animation: Level Curves
Animation: Fubini's Theorem
Animation: Riemann Sum of Volumes
Applet: Vector Fields & Line Integrals
Polar Curve Demonstrations
Applet: Concept of the Curl
Applet: Tangent Plane
Applet: Directional Derivative
Applet: Parametric Surfaces
Applet: Moebius Strip
Applet: Surfaces for Stoke's Theorem
Math 10: Nature of Math
NOVA:Fractal Dimension Video
Fractal Dimension Activity
Platonic Solids
Paper Models of Polyhedra
Interactive Models of the Platonic Solids
Archimedes and Pi
Euclid's Elements -- Interactive Version
Interactive Models of the Conic Sections
Spherical Geometry Drawing Applet
Hyperbolic Geometry Drawing Applet
Math 2: Differential Equations
Slope Field Calculator
Free Damped Motion applet
Forced Motion applet
Math 151: Elementary Algebra
Handout Folder
Math 1B: Calculus 2nd Semester
My Polar Curve Applets
My Vector Function Applets
My Conic Section Applets
Cycloid Demo
Tautochrone Demo
Occurences of Conic Sections
Interactive Gallery of Quadric Surfaces
Another Quadric Surface Gallery
Spanish Applets: Cycloid, Conics & More
Stewart Calculus Animations
Useful Math Sites:
GeoGebra Application Launcher
Java Grapher 2D
Java Grapher 3D
Free Graph Paper
Calculus Camp Demos
History of Mathematics:
Biographies of Mathematicians
Math Words
Famous Curves