Current Projects

  • Organizing a Discovery Day Camp to bring together lots of librarian and EBSCO talent to keep fine tuning a fantastic exploration tool.
  • Responsive design re-coding of SRJC Libraries web presence so that you can use the library resources on your tablets and smartphones
  • Art Talk grant to create multi-media enrichment zones to the Doyle Collection of artworks in the library.
  • Work with a great EBSCO team to use learning technology integration to bring SRJC Library resources into Moodle classes through a Reading List tool.
  • Develop Guide on the Side active learning tutorials of online search tools available through the SRJC Libraries.


Responsive Design

Are you finding yourself using a smartphone to seek information on the web? The library website has been re-designed to adapt to the many hand held devices we notice students usingResponsive Design!


Explore Art Talk

Blend the physical and virtual spaces of the library through Art Talk. Art Talk captures the inspirations and experiences of artists showcased in The Doyle Collection through a series of video interviews. Watch the videos online, or bring your mobile phone to the library and scan QR codes to learn more about each art work while you are viewing the collectionArt Talk Sami Lange | Introduction Sami Lange | Spices .


Library Guides

I am the faculty subject liaison for computer studies, earth and physical sciences, industrial arts and construction. Browse some of the guides that are in my area of responsibility.

  • Computer Studies

    Computer Studies

    Highlights library resources on web design, programming, networking and computer security, graphics, multimedia, office applications and industry news.

  • Automotive Technology

    Automotive Technology

    Highlights library resources on engine performance, automotive electronics, alternative fuels, hybrid and electric vehicles, industry news, and certification study materials.

  • Renewable Energy

    Renewable Energy

    Highlights library resources on all aspects of the renewable energy mix, including biomass and bioenergy, wind, solar electric and solar thermal, hydropower, and geothermal energy.

Explore More

Find more information about library resources by browsing these library guides on e-books, databases, and more. of the services offered through the SRJC Libraries.

  • E-Books


    Gives an overview of the major e-book collections available in the SRJC Libraries. Highlights search features and provides tips on downloading to e-readers.

  • Databases


    Highlights the databases available through the SRJC Libraries by title and subject. Provides video tutorials and search widgets for faculty use in online and blended classes.

  • FacPack


    Highlights the resources, services, and instructional support available to faculty through the SRJC Libraries.