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A Message from the President

Dr. Frank Chong, President/Superintendent


Greetings to all Faculty and Staff!

Welcome back to a new semester.  It’s my pleasure to invite you to join me at the Spring 2014 Professional Development Activity day on Thursday, February 13.

This spring, our program focuses on "Cultivating Success in Our Diverse Communities" with workshops designed to give you tools to support the success of an increasingly diverse student population.

Responding thoughtfully and energetically to the growing diversity in our college and the greater community is not just the right thing to do. Rather, it is an essential dimension of our responsibility to provide effective instructional programs and services to students.

Each of you, through your daily efforts, are part of facilitating our students' success. The Professional Development Committee and SRJC presenters have developed a program designed to respond to your diverse interests and needs in your professional growth.  

In addition to a full schedule of workshops, one of the highlights of the Spring PDA program is the Brook Tauzer Faculty Lecture. This year the faculty being honored is Terri Frongia from the Modern and Classical Languages and ASL Department.

I look forward to seeing you on PDA day!


Brook Tauzer Faculty Lecture

The Brook Tauzer Faculty Lecture is the highlight of PDA Day each spring, and an honor for the faculty member selected to give it. The Tauzer Lecture is a long-time SRJC tradition (since 1987) named in honor of Brook Tauzer, who is an emeritus professor of history and former Vice President of Academic Affairs at SRJC. He worked at the college from 1955 through 1986.

The Tauzer Lecturer is an SRJC faculty member who has been selected for teaching excellence by a committee consisting of former Tauzer Lecturers.

2014 Spring Tauzer Lecture:

The Art of Being Human~ Italian Style
Terri Frongia Modern and Classical Languages and ASL Department

Master-poet Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) opens his epic everyman's journey through the darkest lows and most luminous highs of human experience with an archetypal mid-life crisis:

 “Midway upon the journey of our life, I found myself within a forest dark, for the straightforward pathway had been lost.

We'll join him and other Italian luminaries on a voyage through time, language, and the arts as we chart a `teacherly' course towards a vision of what it means to be fully and truly human in a world of accelerated, exponential change.



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