September 14, 1998


PRESENT: Robert Agrella, Ed Buckley, April Chaney, Brenda Collins, Amber Cotton, Carole Ellis, Greg Granderson, Curt Groninga, Julie Muzzatti, Ricardo Navarrette, John Roberts, Nancy Ruud, Kendra Stuber, Deborah Sweitzer, Jack Wegman

GUESTS: Janet Chin, Doug Garrison, Jennifer Mann and Steve Olson



1. Cross-Component Administrator Goal on Adjunct Faculty: Ed indicated the component administrators were still working on the draft. They need to re-think the goal and how to best state it.

2. Partnership For Excellence Program: Curt Groninga, Janet Chin and Doug Garrison reviewed the RP Group workshop on Partnership For Excellence. The meeting provided the context of performance funding, the Washington state experience, the Department of Finance's view, the State Academic Senate's concerns as well as discussions on conceptual development and outcome measurement. Several SRJC faculty and staff who attended the September 11th meeting will make a more formal presentation next week to the President's Staff and the following week to a combined IPC/BAC and college community. More details will follow. Attached to these minutes are September 11th meeting notes prepared by Curt Groninga.

3. Educational Master Plan Update: IPC reviewed the 8/28/98 Groninga draft RFP. A number of constructive suggestions were made both as to the process which SRJC may choose to utilize and to the draft document itself. Brenda Collins and Curt Groninga. Will provide an updated draft document which will include proposed rationales for engaging in the development of an educational plan and a suggested list of SRJC data which would better inform the consultant and the college community. The goal is to provide the college community more information and a rationale as to why the institution desires to engage in serious educational master planning. The 8/28/98 draft is attached to these minutes.




4. Institutional Goals: Conceptual development of new or revised institutional goals based upon the current 1998/99 Institutional Goals.

This item was held over until the next meeting. Members were requested to give some thought as to whether the current institutional goals need revision and to be prepared to discuss at the September 28th meeting.

5. Institutional Planning Issues: Much like the institutional goals, this item was held over until the next meeting where members are expected to suggest any modifications, additions or deletions to existing listed planning issues.

6. IPC Communications: A review of the draft IPC Pocket Planning Guide was led by Deborah Sweitzer. A number of constructive suggestions were made and it was decided to publish the 1998/99 version by October 15th.

7. Institutional Planning Calendar: IPC reviewed the current Institutional Planning Calendar and agreed to adhere to it.