The following Institutional Goals were approved by the Board of Trustees at its January meeting. Goals with an asterisk preceding the number are those recommended by IPC for emphasis during this planning cycle.

1. Instructional Quality: To maintain, improve and emphasize quality instruction in an environment of academic freedom and high academicstandards in both departmental and student services programs.

2. Student Success: To help students improve in setting education and career goals, and in accomplishing those goals, by providing comprehensive instructional and student support services.

3. Program Development: To explore and develop new modes of delivering educational services and new substantive offerings which better serve the evolving diversity of our student body and the evolving intellectual, economic and technical needs of our community.

4. Student Retention: To identify and implement activities designed to increase student retention at the course level and at the program level until each student's educational goals have been met.

5. Continuous Learning: To provide class offerings and activities that assist students of all ages and varying levels of academic preparedness in adapting to ever-changing conditions.

6. Outreach and Recruitment: To develop additional methods of recruiting faculty and students of both genders and different ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.

7. Staff Development: To improve the quality of programs and services through staff development activities that are designed to secure and maintain a faculty and staff who are knowledgeable and current in their fields and who demonstratean appropriate level of technological competence.

*8. College Governance: To maintain and enhance the governance of the institution through a well-defined participatory process which includes significant communication to, from and between all constituent groups.

* 9. Research: To design and implement a comprehensive research plan for developing and maintaining an institutional data base.

*10. Institutional Quality: To improve the accountability and cost-effectiveness of all programs and services, while maintaining an environment that is supportive of a high-quality educational experience.

11. Community Relations: To improve the two-way flow of information about the College vision, mission, and goals to and from the total community and to establish a wide range of positive relationships within and outside the College.

12. Resource Development: To design and implement a comprehensive resource development plan for increasing revenues and acquiring external funds.