Santa Rosa Junior College

Partnership For Excellence Program


Santa Rosa Junior College's response to the Partnership For Excellence initiative has been driven by the three principles of Student Access, Student Success and College Accountability. Combined with the College's institutional goals and a strong shared governance-driven institutional planning process, Santa Rosa Junior College has made a commitment to develop a Partnership For Excellence program which reflects these principles and the state's desire to demonstrate performance in these areas.

In order for the reader to better comprehend SRJC's Partnership For Excellence Program planning and decision making processes, we have provided a number of documents which provide both the philosophy and the procedures which have been followed:

1. Santa Rosa Junior College's Vision Statement

2. Santa Rosa Junior College's Mission Statement

3. Santa Rosa Junior College's 1998-1999 Institutional Goals which are referenced along side each Partnership For Excellence activity.

4. President Agrella's February 6, 1998 internal Partnership for Excellence memorandum with final suggested priorities.

5. President Agrella's August 18th Partnership For Excellence discussion draft which outlines the first P4E initiatives for college consideration. Additionally, Dr. Agrella's letter to Chancellor Nussbaum provides background as to the intended SRJC planning process related to the Partnership for Excellence Program.

6. President Agrella's October 9th memorandum laying out the rationale for the principles of Student Access, Student Success and College Accountability.

7. Selected portions of Institutional Planning Committee meeting minutes related to the Partnership For Excellence Program.

(a) August 24 P4E: Discussion

(b) September 14 P4E: Context

(c) September 28 Special combined Budget Advisory Committee/Institutional Planning

(d) October 12 P4E: Review criteria and processes

(e) October 26 P4E: Proposal Review Criteria (Academic Affairs)

(f) November 9

P4E:Component Administrators Review Processes (Administrative Services, Student Services)

P4E: One-time funds recommendation

P4E: Proposal review Criteria (second and final draft)

(g) November 23 P4E: One-time funds preliminary allocation

(h) December 7 P4E: One-time funds - IPC approval (Academic Affairs Administrative Services Final Allocation)

Note: Please see our website ( Organizations and Committees/Institutional Documents/P4E Report to Chancellor's Office) for documents related to this index.