August 18, 1998





To: Institutional Planning Council

From: Robert F. Agrella


Subject: Partnership for Excellence Program Discussion Draft




Attached is the discussion draft I spoke about in my PDA day comments. As IPC is the College's primary planning group, your review and counsel about the use of Partnership for Excellence funds is crucial. Because of the potential impact of this program on Santa Rosa Junior College, I suggest that this draft, or some form of it, receive wide distribution throughout the District. IPC itself may wish to distribute it, or if you prefer that I distribute this draft or some subsequent iteration based on your review and comment, then let me know this as well.

Please note that the items that have been added since last Spring are a compilation of ideas and activities that have been discussed within the component areas for some time. They are not, nor should they be considered, the "right" ones. If some of them appear worthy of implementation, on a trial or a regular basis, then let's move ahead. Others may need more study or deliberation. An important aspect of being involved in the Partnership for Excellence Program is that we must be able to document results. Thus I don't believe we should rush into new activities without giving careful thought to intended outcomes and how they will be measured.

As you review this draft you will note that the proposed activities may be categorized as follows:

1) funds directly related to maintaining excellence in programs whose regular funding may not have kept up with growth, student need, program change, etc. (e.g. library, English, Applied Technology, Coddingtown, SRT, etc.)

Institutional Planning Council

August 18, 1998

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2) funds to provide on-going support for innovations developed or planned over the last several years (e.g. CATE, learning communities, teacher internship, leadership training)

3) funds for initiatives that while new, address the state's "excellence" priorities and also address one or more of our institutional goals (e.g. institutional research, technological upgrades, student success).

Also included with this draft for your information is my July 18 memorandum to Chancellor Nussbaum in response to his request for system wide response to the Partnership for Excellence Program. It was my intent to convey a spirit of optimism about the program without defining the exact manner Santa Rosa Junior College would participate.

Ed, Ricardo, John, Curt and I are prepared to discuss these materials with you.

Thank you.