Institutional Planning Council

Meeting Minutes

November 9, 1998

PRESENT: R. Agrella, J. Wegman, A. Cotton, B. Collins, C. Groninga, R. Navarrette, K. Stuber, N. Ruud, J. Mann, C. Ellis, G. Granderson, J. Roberts, T. Eaton, A. Chaney, J. Muzzatti, E. Buckley

GUESTS: J. Mann, D. Garrison, M. Ludder, S. Olson

ABSENT: D. Sweitzer, A. Samson, A. Herbst

Welcome to new member, Toni Eaton of College Skills.

1. Dr. Agrella began a discussion on the district governance process. Members have had an opportunity to review the taskforce reports and Doug Garrison suggested it is now time to clarify. Doug handed out his review of the SCJCD governance structure with regard to the Petaluma Center. Instead of voting on his recommendation, IPC decided that Brenda Collins and Curt Groninga draft a memo, including a timeline, to coordinate and charge the following groups to meet separately and share their perceptions with IPC before the development of new models of governance: Component Administrators, Academic Senate, DCC, Classified Senate, Petaluma Steering Committee and Associated Students.

2. Review of the 1999/2000 Institutional Planning Issues was deferred to the next meeting

3. Review of the 1999/2000 Institutional Goals was deferred to the next meeting.

4. The P4E Proposal Review Criteria and Process for 1998-99 Academic Year was approved by IPC.

5. The P4E One-Time Funds Recommendations was approved with corrections. The corrected version to be sent to members before next meeting.

6. Component Administators reviewed their processes for prioritizing P4E proposals. Discussion for next meeting will begin to address the components' recommendations for 1X funds.

7. A final review of the Pocket Planning Guide was deferred to the next meeting.