Institutional Planning Council


November 23, 1998

Maggini Conference Room

1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

PRESENT: R. Agrella, C. Groninga, B. Collins, A. Cotton, D. Garrison, K. Stuber, R. Navarrette, G. Granderson, J. Roberts, J. Wegman, T. Eaton, N. Ruud, A. Chaney, J. Muzzatti

ABSENT: E. Buckley, C. Ellis, A. Samson, A. Herbst

GUESTS: B. Croteau, S. Olson

1. Partnership For Excellence One-Time Funds:

Component administrators reviewed their processes of P4E proposal prioritization including some examples of high priority projects and estimated overall budgets.

Student Services:


Administrative Services:


Academic Affairs:


Faculty Computers:


President's Initiative:


President's Component:

$ 50,000



It was decided that a "disclaimer" should be developed stating that any activity that is funded in '98/99 on a one-time basis, will have no guarantee of funding in any future year. It was further decided to hold a special IPC meeting on December 7 so that IPC can approve allocation of 1X P4E funds as presented by the component administrators and will authorize release of funding following review of specific P4E proposals.

2. District Governance Process Review: Curt Groninga passed out a draft memo regarding District Governance. It was agreed that Brenda and Curt would make appropriate changes to the wording and release to the groups addressed and make available as a link to these minutes.

3. Educational Master Planning Update: Curt Groninga gave a brief update to the Educational Master Plan. The college has received two viable responses and Curt will review and give a synopsis at a future IPC meeting. Would like to implement in January 1999.

4. 1999-2000 Institutional Planning Issues: IPC agreed to the stated planning issues and it was agreed that Curt and Brenda develop a preamble statement using general terms (no discussion of P4E specifically) and send out to the college community for further input.

5. 1999/2000 Institutional Planning Goals: The 1999/2000 Institutional Goals will be reviewed at the next meeting. College-wide input will be requested for these and the Institutional Planning Issues at the same time.

6. IPC Communications: Deborah Sweitzer handed out the first edition of the IPC Planning IQ and indicated it will be in mail boxes within a few days.