Institutional Planning Council

Meeting Minutes

October 26, 1998

PRESENT: R. Agrella, J. Wegman, A. Cotton, D. Garrison, B. Collins, C. Groninga, R. Navarrette, K. Stuber, N. Ruud, J. Mann, C. Ellis, G. Granderson, B. Croteau

ABSENT: E. Buckley, A. Chaney, J. Muzzatti, J. Roberts, A. Samson, M. Bennett, A. Herbst

1. Dr. Agrella lead a discussion about how to formalize the process of making Petaluma into a "campus" as opposed to a "center." He will bring the original taskforce on governance ('93) as well as the update ('95) for IPC to review at the next meeting. IPC should consider how to integrate this campus into the SRJC District.

2. IPC discussed reviewing the 1999/2000 Institutional Planning Issues. It was agreed that Curt Groninga would synthesize the following areas and bring in for discussion next time:

a. Should we add a financial/budget area?

b. Additional training and development of professional staff

c. Marketing the school to draw more students

3. The 1999/2000 Institutional Goals were discussed and the IPC was asked to bring any changes, omissions, etc. to the next meeting on November 9.

4. The draft of the review criteria for the P4E proposals was discussed. The decision was made that the P4E subcommittee will meet before the next IPC meeting to make adjustments to the criteria process for P4E according to the suggestions that came out of the meeting. A revised draft will be taken to the IPC meeting for discussion on Monday, November 9. Dr. Agrella will be receiving the Q & A's from the Chancellor's office in the near future and will make available to the college community. The Component Administrators will present in writing their prioritization process at the next meeting. Ed Buckley has already submitted his process for Academic Affairs for IPC review.

5. Deborah Sweitzer quickly reviewed the changes made to the Pocket Planning guide, now known as the "Institutional Plan," and the flow chart for the IPC planning process, and a sample of the new IPC newsletter called, "Planning IQ." She asked for volunteers to help her edit the newsletter.