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Academic Senate

The SRJC Academic Senate is the primary voice of faculty in academic and professional matters. Senators are elected by their respective departments for two-year terms. The Academic Senate meets on the first and third Wednesdays of each month.


Adelante Program


This program provides educational opportunities for economically disadvantaged students from local junior and senior high schools. Students in grades 8 through 12 may participate in non-credit classes each summer on the SRJC Santa Rosa campus. Participating students primarily come from families with migrant worker parents. Contact the Special Education program for more information.


All Faculty Association (AFA)

AFA is located in Room 649, Building A, Analy Village. For more information


Alumni Association

The Alumni Association works to support and aid the college. It grants scholarships, sponsors reunions, athletic events, and other alumni events and provides a means for former students to stay in touch with one another. Membership in SRJC’s Alumni Association is open to anyone who has an interest in supporting the goals of the organization.


Annual Barbecue

An annual barbecue is held at the start of the fall semester for the purpose of introducing new employees of SRJC (see Harvey Hansen Barbecue).


Applied Graphics

Students of the Applied Graphics program may be available to meet a vast array of design and printing needs such as posters, flyers, etc. Contact the Applied Technology Department for further information.


Art Gallery

The Art Gallery (aka the "2 Dog Gallery") is located in Bussman Hall and displays exhibits by students, faculty, and other selected artists. For information on exhibits and hours of operation, contact the Art Gallery.


Arts and Lectures

SRJC sponsors a lecture series with noted speakers throughout the academic year. These are normally free to the public, staff, and students and are held on the Santa Rosa and Petaluma campuses. Consult the Community Education Bulletin or contact Community Education.


Associated Students

The SRJC Associated Students are the members of the student body who have joined the Associated Students by paying a nominal fee. They are then eligible for various benefits. This body is governed by the College Student Assembly and is active in the campus community, including financial support to many programs on campus. The AS sponsors two blood drives per year. AS offices are located in the Student Activities Office in Pioneer Hall.


ATM (Automatic
Teller Machine)

The ATM, operated by Exchange Bank, is located in the hallway between the cafeteria and student lounge in Doyle Student Center. There is no ATM charge by Exchange Bank to use this machine.



The warehouse holds a public auction periodically of surplus office supplies, equipment, lost and found articles, bicycles, etc. Contact the Purchasing Department for more information.


Bear Facts

A daily student publication throughout the Fall and Spring semesters and weekly during the summer. If you are recruiting a student employee, this is a great place to advertise the available on-campus job. For more information, contact the Student Activities Office.


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the College. Members are elected to 4-year terms by residents in the Trustee areas of the District. See the Staff Directory for members currently seated. The Classified Senate, Academic Senate and Associated Students’ presidents make a presentation to the Board at each meeting. The Board holds an open session at the beginning of each meeting, during which time anyone may speak. The Board meets on the second Tuesday of the month.


Book Sale

The Associated Students sponsor a book sale in the Fall and Spring. The sale consists of an assortment of books, mostly text and reference books, which are donated.



Both the Santa Rosa and Petaluma campuses have bookstores on the premises. The Santa Rosa campus bookstore, located in Pioneer Hall, offers new and used textbooks, as well as reference material and general reading titles. You'll also find gift items, art supplies, cards, computer equipment and software, calculators, snacks, drinks and much, much more. Debit cards or checks may be used for purchases and up to $20 cash back. Contact the bookstores for hours of operation or specific questions.



The CalWORKS program at SRJC provides assistance to students on TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) while attending Santa Rosa Junior College. Services include counseling, employment services, a paid work experience program, child care for eligible students, screening and diagnostic assessment to determine learning disabilities, and support services to assist working students gain self-sufficiency. In addition the program can serve former TANF recipients with the costs of education at SRJC for up to one year after leaving welfare, as well as Cal-Learn teens attending college.

Campus Tours

Tours are coordinated through the Student Activities Office and are free. Contact the SAO.



Catering services are available through Highfeather Cafe for functions and events on campus.  Contact the Cafe to inquire about prices and to make arrangements.


Car Pool/
Rideshare Program

Staff or students participating in this program receive special parking privileges and rates. Call District Police or refer to the Schedule of Classes for further information.



The Center for Advanced Technology in Education (CATE) provides training in constructing department, instructor, and course web sites. Contact CATE at 707-522-2664, Maggini Hall, Room 2910.


Chamber Concerts

SRJC sponsors chamber music concerts (approximately one per month) throughout the academic year. These are normally held on Friday evenings in Newman Auditorium and special prices are available for students and staff. Consult the Community Education Bulletin or call the Community Education Department.


Classified Senate

The Classified Senate, established in June 1994, represents all classified staff on issues other than collective bargaining issues. It is the means by which classified staff participates with Faculty, Administration, the Board of Trustees and Students in establishing and carrying out the goals and mission of the college through the concept of "shared governance". The Classified Senate publishes and distributes a newsletter and holds regular meetings, open to all classified staff, on the last Friday of each month in Plover Library and Mahoney Library. The Classified Senate sponsors the Pat Tognozzi Scholarship, which is supported in part by donations and fundraisers. See Classified Senate website for more information.


Classified Senate
Web Page

Find the Classified Senate Web Page by going to the SRJC home page You will find news of events, agenda and/or minutes of the most recent meeting, the names of your senators and officers, and how to contact them, and the constitution and bylaws.


Classified Staff
Development Committee

This Committee participates in the staff development structure at SRJC by representing the interests and needs of all classified staff in supporting programs for personal and professional development. Contact the Resource Center fo Staff Development if you'd like to serve on this committee.


Classified Staff

All new permanent classified employees are required to attend a classified orientation, which is held twice a year, during Spring and Fall semesters. The orientation provides an opportunity for classified employees to get acquainted and learn about the District and how to find information needed to help get things done. Contact the Resource Center for Staff Development.


Classified Staff Recognition Week

A weeklong event in the Spring co-sponsored by the District and the Classified Senate. The College hosts a reception, and the Classified Senate sponsors a dinner in honor of all classified staff. In addition, many departments and offices hold special recognition events for their classified staff. Check Classified Senate website for information.


“College for Kids”

During two weeks in the summer children in grades 3 through 6 may take a wide range of classes on the Santa Rosa campus. They are offered through the Community Education Department, and recently have included Drawing and Painting, Astronomy for Kids, and Hands-on Marine Biology. Contact Community Education.



Classified staff may participate in committees as part of the shared governance process. Contact SEIU if interested in serving on an SRJC standing, ad hoc, or hiring committee. Refer to college standing committee list in orientation binder; or go to the Notice Board in Reflections email.


Community Education Bulletin

See Schedule of Community Education Courses.


Computer Help

A computer help-line (707-524-1765) is available to employees seeking help with their computer problems.


Contract Education

The Contract Education Program responds to the immediate training needs of the business community by providing on-site customized courses and seminars.   An employer may contract with SRJC through Contract Education for instruction or support services, including assessment, counseling, and tutoring.  Contact the Contract Education Department.


Crisis Intervention
Resource Team

The Crisis Intervention Resource Team (CIRT) is made up of representatives from District Police, Student Services, Health Services, Student Psychological Services, Disability Resources, and Counseling. Their goal is crisis prevention through employee training, consultations, and direct interventions on request. For further information, consult the Crisis Intervention Resource Guide or contact Health Services.


Culinary Art Center

Culinary Arts Center houses a retail Bakery and Café that are open to the public. The Bakery is open Wednesday - Friday 7:30 AM - 2:00 PM. The Café is open for lunch Wednesday- Friday, 11:30 - 2:00 PM. Students enrolled in SRJC Culinary Arts classes prepare and serve a lunch menu that changes weekly. Reservations are required and may be made anytime by calling (707) 576-0279.


Day Under the Oaks

Each May on the Santa Rosa campus an open house and community education fair is held that includes department displays and exhibits, entertainment, Native American celebration, petting zoo, plants, arts and crafts for show and sale, etc. Contact Public Relations.


Disability Resources

Provides students with disabilities equal access to community college education through specialized instruction, disability-related support services, and advocacy activities. All Disability Resources students are assisted by a Specialist/Counselor in developing an individual education plan each semester. Contact the department for information.


Discounts Discount packages are available for employees through the Personnel Office, including Disneyland, Marine World, Universal Studios and Windsor Waterworks. Contact Human Resources for a complete list.
District Compliance

SRJC has a District Compliance office that can be accessed for questions regarding unlawful discrimination and harassment. Contact the District Compliance Office at 707-527-4303 for more information.


Electronic Mail

E-mail is available to most departments on campus. For e-mail training and information, contact Computing Services.


Emergency Procedures

Procedures in case of emergency are covered in the Emergency Preparedness Manual. Contact Environmental Health and Safety for further information.


Employee Assistance

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is an employer-paid benefit that uses the confidential providers of Family and Community Counseling Services to assist employees with personal and work-related problems. Contact Family Service Agency of Sonoma County at 707-545-4551 for appointment information.


Employee of the Month Once a month an employee is selected on merit and honored as Employee of the Month. The employee so honored receives an award and is recognized at the monthly Board of Trustees meeting. In addition, the INSIDER features the employee in one of its issues. Nomination forms are available through Human Resources.
Environmental Health
and Safety

Establishes the safety procedures and provides safety training for the staff and students at SRJC. Also, advises and assesses workspace ergonomics. Contact the department for further information.



Extended Opportunity Program and Services assists low income and educationally disadvantaged students in achieving their academic goals at SRJC through a variety of support functions, including advocacy, transition services, and financial assistance.


Equipment Requests/
Campus Use

When special equipment is needed, such as additional tables and chairs, complete and submit a service request form to the warehouse. If furniture needs to be moved, contact Facilities Operations.


Events Calendar

Student Activities publishes a semester calendar of events, which lists Associated Students’ events, functions and committee meetings. Contact Student Activities.


Facility Use

To reserve a room for a meeting or special function, contact Community Education. Contact the Scheduling Office to reserve rooms or check availability for academic courses.


Faculty/Staff Handbook

Contains information and procedures relating to faculty and staff. It also contains a campus phone directory and District and college governance information. Contact the Staff Development Office.


Firewood List

A list is maintained and updated of staff members who are interested in obtaining firewood from various trimmings around campus. Contact Facilities Operations for more information and to be placed on the list.



The Santa Rosa Junior College Foundation is a non-profit auxiliary organization under the direction of a Board of Directors. The Foundation was formed to receive and administer gifts and funds from private sources. Contact the Foundation Office or consult the SRJC Catalog or Faculty/Staff Handbook.


Giving Tree, The

This holiday project is sponsored by the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County during November and December and is a college-wide effort.  The Academic Senate, Associated Students and AFA contribute money to purchase the tree, the Classified Staff organizes the event and does the necessary legwork, and the Management Team contributes funds for gifts.  The trees, located on both the Santa Rosa and Petaluma campuses, are decorated with red hearts representing the Christmas gift wishes of children of SRJC students in EOPS, Disability Resources, the Children's Center, and CalWORKS.  Employees may choose a heart and donate a gift for that child.



SRJC graduation is held outdoors around the Outdoor Stage Area between Burbank Auditorium, Pioneer Hall and Analy Hall. Contact Student Services for information.


Graphics/Copy Center

Printing, copying, graphics, and artwork services are available through the Graphics Department. The Copy Center has a self-serve copy machine.


Harvey Hansen Barbecue

Named for a former history instructor, the Harvey Hansen Barbecue is held at the start of the Fall Semester to welcome new staff. Dates are announced in the Insider. Flyers are mailed to all staff members with the fall semester PDA brochure. The barbecue is held at SRJC's Robert Shone Farm, a 366-acre farm located off Trenton-Healdsburg Road between Forestville and Healdsburg. All faculty and staff are invited to enjoy farm tours, great food, wine, and live music.


Health Services

Health Services provides drop-in care for students and staff who are ill, injured or have health questions or concerns.  Staff may use Health Services for other than work-related medical visits by filling out a one-time payroll deduction form per semester.  Health Services offers emergency first aid, health guidance and counseling, and health screening, such as TB skin testing and hearing testing.  First Aid kits, located in every campus building and at off-campus sites, are stocked and maintained by Health Services.  Contact Health Services.


History of
Santa Rosa
Junior College

Santa Rosa Junior College was established in 1918, and the Santa Rosa campus is now located on a total of 100+ acres. In addition there are 366 acres of land near Forestville used for instruction in agriculture, forestry and the life sciences. There are two campuses—Santa Rosa and Petaluma—as well as numerous off-campus sites, including the Coddingtown Mall and The Santa Rosa Training Center at Two Rock. The College has had three past presidents, and Dr. Robert F. Agrella is the current President. See the SRJC catalog for more information.


Housing Board

The Student Activities Office, located in Pioneer Hall, maintains a housing board with current listings of available off-campus housing. Anyone may post a notice there.


ID Card (Staff or Student)

Photos are taken and placed on a card by Student Activities in the Student Lounge located in the Doyle Student Center. Contact the Student Activities Office for more information.


Insider (Publication)

A weekly publication of campus staff and faculty news and upcoming important dates. Published by the Public Relations Department.


Jazz/Music Concerts

The Music Department sponsors various student concerts, including jazz, pops, choral, classical, etc., performed by students and occasional guests. Contact the Music Department for more information. These concerts are available to the public either free or for a nominal charge.


Jesse Peter Museum

The Museum, housed in Bussman Hall, serves to communicate the beauty and uniqueness of the cultures of Native Americans. An ongoing Pomo Exhibit is featured. For tours and information call the Museum.


Key Requests

Keys for offices and classrooms may be ordered from Facilities Operations using a key request form.


Library (Plover)

Plover Library is at the north end of the Santa Rosa campus on Elliott Ave. In addition to its physical holdings, the Library has on-line services available to students and staff, which may be accessed from computers campus-wide, as well as from home. Media Services is located in the Library. The Library's web address is Library staff members provide periodic web training sessions.


Library (Herold Mahoney)

The Herold Mahoney Library is located on the Petaluma Campus. It is the most technologically advanced library in Sonoma County and includes materials designed to support the course offerings at the Petaluma Campus. It also features special collections on local writers and artists.


Lost and Found

For information regarding lost or found items, contact District Police.


Mail Room

The mailroom on the Santa Rosa campus, located in Bailey Hall next to the Information Desk, has individual and department boxes. Ask the Information Desk for training and information on the mail room and bulk mailings.


Maps of SRJC Campus, Petaluma Campus, Windsor Training Center.

Buildings are designated by numbers. Maps are available in the Schedule of Classes, Community Education Bulletin, SRJC catalog, and at the Information Desk and in Public Relations and via the web.


Mascot and School

Roscoe is the SRJC Bear Cubs mascot, and the school colors are red and blue. Historically, SRJC was considered a feeder school to UC Berkeley and Stanford. SRJC took the red (scarlet) from Stanford and the blue (navy) from UC Berkeley, and those became the school's colors. Since UC Berkeley's sports teams were the Bears, we became the Bear Cubs.


May Festival

Annual Petaluma Campus spring open house, sponsored by the Associated Students Petaluma Campus Council. This event is held the first Saturday in May to promote the programs and services available at the Campus, to increase local community awareness of the Petaluma Campus as a valuable community resource, and to let students have fun. It is a multi-cultural celebration with music, dancing, arts and crafts, a plant sale, and a variety of ethnic food vendors. Contact the Petaluma Campus Council at 707-778-2410 for additional information.


Media Services

Located in the Plover Library. Consists of six areas: circulation counter, delivery services, repair services, photo and presentation graphics production, video production services, and administration and acquisition. Videos and camcorders are available for loan upon request. Blank videotapes are also available for a nominal charge. Contact Media Services for more information.


Mission Statement

The mission statement sets forth the goals and objectives of the college.


Music Department Concerts

See Jazz Concerts or Calendar of Events.


Oak Leaf

The SRJC Communication Studies Department and Journalism classes publish the weekly student newspaper during each academic semester. The newspapers are available in racks around campus or in the Student Activities Office.


Organizational Chart

An SRJC staff organizational chart is available through Human Resources.



Parking is available on the Santa Rosa and Petaluma campuses for staff at an annual fee of $120.00. Reserved spaces are available, but staff with a permit may also park in student spaces when there is no reserved staff space available. Contact Payroll if you want to have your parking fee paid via payroll deduction. Contact District Police for further information about parking regulations.


Petaluma Campus

The District first began offering classes in Petaluma in 1964.  In January 1995, a permanent Petaluma Center was established at 680 Sonoma Mountain Parkway.  Located on a 40-acre site, the 64,000-square-foot facility is the first of three phases and can accommodate an overall enrollment of 7,000 students.  In April 1999, the Center was formally recognized as the Petaluma Campus.  SRJC's Petaluma Campus offers a wide range of general education courses enabling students to complete requirements necessary for transfer to a four-year college or to earn an Associate Degree


Planetarium Shows

The Planetarium, located in Lark Hall, offers shows to the staff and public during the academic year during evenings and weekends. In addition, shows are made available to elementary and secondary school students during their school hours. Contact Community Education for show titles, schedules and ticket information.


Plant Sale

Plant sales for staff are held twice a year. There are some great buys! Agriculture Department students grow the plants. Contact the Agriculture Department for information.


Police, District

District Police are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, but office hours vary. They have keys to all buildings, are alert to suspicious happenings on campus and monitor the alarm systems. They are available to aid and assist staff, students, and visitors. They will escort staff and students to their autos, give your car a jump-start, and assist you if you lock yourself out of your car. You may contact them at 707-524-1000.


Pottery Sale

The Art Department holds a pottery sale yearly with original items crafted by students in the Art Department. Some very nice and unusual pieces can be purchased at reasonable prices.


Professional Development Activity Days (PDA Days)

Two days are set aside on campus annually for professional development for faculty and staff--one day at the beginning of the Fall semester and one day during the Spring semester.  Postcards outlining the schedule and seminars to be presented are mailed to all staff several weeks prior to PDA Days.  Classified staff members may arrange with their supervisors for release time to attend seminars of interest


Public Relations

Located in the Bech Temporaries, Room 2493, Public Relations coordinates information released to the local news media. Other activities include publishing and providing the photographs for the Staff Directory and the Insider; coordinating (with Student Activities) the annual Day Under the Oaks celebration; and involvement in designing and producing the SRJC Catalog, Schedule of Classes, and the Community Education Bulletin.

Puente Project

The Puente Project is designed to assist students to succeed in the college environment. It consists of 3 components English Writing instruction, Counseling and Mentoring.


Buildings and Grounds coordinates pick-up and recycling of paper, aluminum, glass, plastic, newsprint, and cardboard. Contact Facilities Operations for information and to arrange for pickup of recycled materials in your department.


Resource Center for
Staff Development

The Resource Center houses the offices of the Staff Development Program and the Staff Microcomputer Training and Support Lab. The Center is a locale for: a professional development library of printed and taped materials; information on seminars and workshops; information and assistance on applying for staff development funding. The training and support lab provides drop-in access to microcomputers, printers, and a scanner with assistants providing project and drop-in support.


Retirement Dinner
or Reception

Each Spring, retiring faculty and staff are honored at a dinner or reception, which may be held on- or off-campus. All employees are invited to attend.


SRJC's Public Safety
Training Center

SRJC's Public Safety Training Center, located on 5743 Skylane Boulevard Windsor, CA 95492, offers training in law enforcement, fire technology, and emergency medical care. The Training Center is recognized as a leader in Public Safety Training in the State of California. Consult the SRJC catalog for information.


Schedule of Community
Education Classes

The Community Education Bulletin is published before the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters and includes courses offered by Community Education. These courses are offered for a fee to the public. They include one-day seminars and courses of from one day to several weeks in length. The Bulletin contains other items of information, including music events, planetarium schedule, arts and lectures series, Day Under the Oaks information, etc. It is mailed to all residents of Sonoma County. Contact Community Education for additional information or to receive bulletins.


Schedule of Classes

The Schedule of Classes is published prior to each Fall, Spring and Summer term. It provides information for students about counseling, instructor office hours, finals schedules, the campus map, financial aid, etc. For information on specific classes or questions on other information published in the Schedule of Classes, contact the applicable department.


Classified Senate

The Pat Tognozzi Scholarship, sponsored by the Classified Senate, is awarded during Classified Staff Recognition Week to a continuing SRJC student who is related to a classified staff member.  Eligibility criteria are a 2.50 GPA, enrollment in nine or more units each semester, demonstration of leadership qualities, and participation in community service or activities.  The late Pat Tognozzi was a well-respected and loved classified staff employee


School Calendar

A school calendar is published annually with the complete academic year’s schedule, including holidays, finals, registration, last day to drop/add, etc. Contact Admissions and Records for information.


SEIU Local 707 (SCOPE)

This is the Union that represents the classified staff on bargaining issues. It is not mandatory to join; however, all benefits and/or issues obtained through collective bargaining affect all classified staff. Contact the SEIU President or a Steward for information. Copies of the Union contract are available through Human Resources.


Senior Citizen Program

Courses are offered off-campus for senior citizens.  Contact Noncredit Programs and Services.


Sexual Harassment

Contact the District Compliance Officer if you believe you or someone you work with is a victim.


Shared Governance

Shared governance provides the opportunity for Classified Staff, Faculty, Administration, and Students to participate with the Board of Trustees in the formulation and development of the mission, goals, and policies and procedures of the District and College.


Shone Farm

Shone Farm, founded in 1972, is located on Healdsburg-Trenton Rd. near Forestville. The farm's 360 acres are managed and run as a commercial operation and provide training opportunities for students in the Agriculture/Natural Resources Department. Included are 60 acres of vineyard, 100 acres of livestock pasture, 120 acres of timber, 30 acres of multiple use land, 45 acres for silage and hay production, and 5 acres with a greenhouse horticulture unit. The Harvey Hansen Annual Barbecue is held at Shone Farm each Fall. Facilities are available for meetings, picnics, and barbecues.



SRJC sports include football, track, water polo, tennis, baseball, wrestling, cross-country, softball, volleyball, basketball, golf, archery, and soccer programs. SRJC sports activities are listed in the Student Activities Events Calendar and the Oak Leaf. SRJC employees may attend sporting events at no charge, with one guest. Just show your staff ID at the event. Contact Physical Education for additional information.


Staff Development

Coordinates a variety of staff development activities, including Professional Development Activity (PDA) Days and orientations for new faculty and classified staff; provides assistance and support on staff development proposals and professional development projects. Contact the Resource Center for Staff Development.


Staff Directory
Phone List

The Public Relations Department publishes a directory with photographs of staff members and their voice mail and e-mail numbers. A list of all department main numbers is provided in the front of the Directory. Contact Public Relations to be included in the Directory or to obtain a copy. The information can also be obtained online.


Staff Lounge/

A cafe is available for students and staff, with hot and cold lunches and breakfast.  Espresso and other coffee drinks, as well as quick foods, are offered in the Bear’s Den adjacent to the cafe.  The Staff Lounge (around the corner from the Bear’s Den) is open from 7:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. for breakfast foods and lunch and is open to all employees.  Catering is available through the cafe for functions on campus.  Contact the Highfeather Cafe for more information.


Student Activities

The Student Activities Office (SAO) is housed in Pioneer Hall next to the Bookstore on the Santa Rosa campus. All student club activities are sponsored and coordinated through this office. Tickets to theatre arts productions are available with a staff ID card. Contact SAO for information.


Student Psychological

Available for at-risk students needing immediate services. See the Crisis Manual or contact Student Health Services.


Study Abroad

This is a program offering opportunities for students to study abroad for a semester. Contact Educational Programs and Services.


Summer Repertory
Theatre (SRT)

For more than 25 years, SRT has presented plays and musicals each summer on the SRJC Santa Rosa campus. The actors, technicians, etc., come from all over California and the United States. The plays are performed from June through August in Burbank Auditorium and at Santa Rosa High School Auditorium and have gained a large community following. Two complimentary tickets are available for staff for selected performances. Additional tickets may be purchased at half price. Contact the SRT box office or the Theatre Arts Department.


Supply Requisitions/

Each department orders most supplies directly from Office Depot. However, the Purchasing Department buys some commonly used supplies, such as copy paper, in large quantities, and these items may be ordered from the Warehouse (Stores). Contact the Purchasing Department for a complete list of the Stores items.


Telephone User

Contact Computing Services for instruction in the use, installation, or repair of the telephone system.


Tennis Courts

Tennis courts are available for public use. Reservations must be made for use of more than two courts at one time. Contact Community Education.


Traffic School

If you have received a moving traffic violation and want it off your DMV record, you may elect to attend traffic school. SRJC offers this school for a fee, and you may register in the Community Education Department.


Travel Discounts

(1) Avis & Hertz:  Employees of the District may use SRJC's corporate ID number when renting a car to get special corporate rates.  (2) American Express:  Employees may apply for the American Express corporate card through SRJC to use for District or personal travel.  If accepted, they will have the benefits of using American Express without having to pay a fee.  Some restrictions apply, and the Purchasing Department has the details and applications. Contact Purchasing for more details.


Travel Requests

Any District employee planning to travel on District business must complete a Travel Request form in advance and obtain their Dean’s signature of approval (out-of-state travel is approved by the President).  This form is then submitted to Purchasing for processing


TSAs (Tax-sheltered

SRJC staff may have a specified amount of money directly deposited each month from their paychecks to a selected tax-sheltered investment. Contact Payroll for information and forms.


Use of Facilities
(Room Reservations)

To use a facility on campus for meetings, contact Community Education or submit a request form (available in the Bailey Hall mailroom form boxes) to Community Education.


Vehicle Requests

Requests for use of campus vehicles (cars, vans, etc.) are made to Facilities Operations on forms supplied by them. They are considered on the 15th of the month for the following month. Trips of more than one day usually have priority. Contact Facilities Operations for more information.


Voice Mail Instructions

Voice mail is available to all staff. Contact Computing Services for instructions and/or training in the use of the voice mail system.


Web Site

Santa Rosa Junior College's web site is


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