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Asian Americans  Lee, Joann Jean Faung  DD:SEED:01
Braided Lives Minnesota Humanities Commission DD:SEED:02
A Choice of Heroes "The Changing Faces of American Manhood" Gerzon, Mark DD:SEED:03
Garbage Pizza, Patchwork Quilts and Math Magic Ohanian, Susan DD:SEED:04
The House on Mango Street Cisneros, Sandra DD:SEED:05
Jack Homes,  A. M. DD:SEED:06
Light From the Yellow Star: A Lesson of Love from the Holocaust Fisch, Robert O. DD:SEED:07
Mankiller: A Chief and Her People Mankiller, Wilma & Wallis, Michael DD:SEED:08
Men's Stories, Men’s Lives Collection of Writers DD:SEED:09
Multicultural Education and Me Style, Emily Jane DD:SEED:10
Nepantla Mora, Pat DD:SEED:11
Patriarchy as a Conceptual Trap Gray, Elizabeth Dodson DD:SEED:12
Rethinking our Classrooms: Teaching for Equity and Justice Bigelow, Bill, Christensen, Linda,  et. Al., Editors DD:SEED:13
The Scientist Within You Warren, Rebecca Lowe & Thompson, Mary H. DD:SEED:14
Talking Walls Knight, Margy Burns DD:SEED:15
Teaching Stories Logan, Judy DD:SEED:16
Their Eyes Were Watching God Hurston, Zora Neale DD:SEED:17
Toward a New Psychology of Women Miller, MD, Jean Baker  DD:SEED:18
Two Old Women Wallis, Velma DD:SEED:19
Bread Givers Yezierska, Anzia DD:SEED:20
The Education of Harriet Hatfield Sarton, May DD:SEED:21
Teaching from a Multicultural Perspective Roberts, Helen & Associates DD:SEED:22
A Different Mirror Takaki, Ronald DD:SEED:23
Native Heritage Hirschfelder, Arlen - Editor DD:SEED:24
Massacre of the Dreamers Castillo, Ana DD:SEED:25
The Autobiography of My Mother Kincaid, Jamaica DD:SEED:26
Fish is Fish Lionni, Leo DD:SEED:27
I Dream a World Lanker, Brian DD:SEED:28
Beyond Dolls & Guns Crawford, Susan Hoy DD:SEED:29
Reviving Ophelia Pipher, Ph.D., Mary DD:SEED:30
Night Flying Woman Broker, Ignatia DD:SEED:31
Creating an Inclusive College Curriculum Friedman, Ellen G. Kolmer, Wendy K., Flint, Charley B. & Rothenburg, Paula DD:SEED:32
Zami: A New Spelling of My Name Lorde, Audre DD:SEED:33
Ceremony Silko, Leslie Marmon DD:SEED:34
Rivers of Hope - Rivers of Change Spearman, Darius DD:SEED:35
Teacher's Guide to the Sonoma County Survivor Project Exhibit Rosenfield, Phyllis DD:SEED:36
Seeding the Process of Multicultural Education "An Anthology" Nelson, Cathy L. & Wilson, Kim A. (Edited by) DD:SEED:37
Home to Stay Watanabe, Sylvia & Bruchac, Carol (Edited by) DD:SEED:38
Making Waves (Missing) Asian Women United of California (Edited by) DD:SEED:39
Making More Waves Edited by Kim, Elaine H., Villanueva, Lilia V. and Asian Women United of California DD:SEED:40
Half and Half O'Hearn, Claudine Chiawei (Edited by) DD:SEED:41
Nightfather Friedman, Carl DD:SEED:42
Recollections of Home (Recuerdos de mi Tierra) Student Action with Farmworkers' Interns DD:SEED:43
"And Don't Call Me a Racist!" Mazel, Ella (Selected & Arranged by) DD:SEED:44
The Hero's Journey Navarette, Luz (Presented By) DD:SEED:45
The Long Haul Horton, Myles with Kohl, Judith & Kohl, Herbert DD:SEED:46
Seed Folks Fleischman, Paul DD:SEED:47
Divine Daughters Bagby, Rachel DD:SEED:48
Toward a New Psychology of Women Miller, M. D., Jean Baker DD:SEED:49
A White Teacher Talks About Race Landsman, Julie DD:SEED:50
Nickel and Dimed Ehrenreich, Barbara DD:SEED:51
Colonize This! Young Women of Color on Today's Feminism Hernandez, Daisy-Rehman, Bushra Editors DD:SEED:52
"The Sacred Hoop": Recovering the Feminine in American Indian Traditions Allen, Paula Gunn DD:SEED:53
Upside Down Galeano, Eduardo DD:SEED:54
"When My Name was Keoko" Park, Linda Sue DD:SEED:55
Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? Tatum, Ph.D., Beverly Daniel DD:SEED:56
White Privilege Rothenberg, Paula S. DD:SEED:57
Yell-Oh Girls! Name, Vickie - Editor DD:SEED:58
Zigzagger Munoza, Manuel DD:SEED:59
Where We Stand: Class Matters Hooks, Bell DD:SEED:60
Uprooting Racism: How White People Can Work for Racial Justice Kivel, Paul DD:SEED:61
Intercultural Encounters: The Fundamentals of Intercultural Communication Klopf, Donald W. DD:SEED:62
The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down Fadiman, Anne DD:SEED:63
Rethinking the Color Line Gallagher, Charles A. DD:SEED:64
Woman Hollering Creek Cisneros, Sandra DD:SEED:65
Race, Class, and Gender in the United States: an Integrated Study Rothenberg, Paula S. DD:SEED:66
Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity Mulkovich, Nikona &
Dello Russo, Jacqueline
Opposing Ambitions Kleinman, Sherryl DD:SEED:68
Intercultural Communication Samovar, Larry A. & Porter, Richard E. DD:SEED:69

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