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dvd/video - Wellness, safety & workplace effectiveness:

Title, Date

Duration Media
Index #
Area Safety Training, 9/29/2006 Silverek, Don 60 min DVD WSWE:SAFE:06
Assisting Individuals with Disabilities in Emergencies, 2/21/2006 Vigeland, Kari & Bell, Kathy 90 min DVD WSWE:SAFE:03
CIRT (Crisis Intervention Resource Team), 1/1/2003 Various 57 min DVD WSWE:SAFE:01
Creating a Department Safety Plan & Dealing with Disruptive Students, 8/15/2008 Stinson, Bill 78 min DVD WSWE:SAFE:08

De-escalation Techniques: How to Manage Difficult People & Avoid a Crisis, 2/17/2011

Williams, Catherin & Stinson, Bill

75 min DVD


Emergency Preparedness for Faculty & Staff, 2/21/2006 Silverek, Don 90 min DVD WSWE:SAFE:04
How to Respond to Distressed, Disruptive & Dangerous Behavior, 8/13/10 Williams, Grayson, Stinson, Arnold 84 min

Keeping Yourself Safe, 2/5/2010 (2 copies)

Chapman, April & Stinson, Bill

72 min DVD


Personal Safety: Awareness, Resolution, Action Workshop, 11/20/2009 Callahan, Marty 70 min DVD WSWE:SAFE:10
Reporting Emergencies at SRJC, 2/21/2006 Stinson, Bill 90 min DVD WSWE:SAFE:05
Safety & Wellness Workshop, 10/24/2008 Ceser, Michael; Quinn, Susan; Stinson, Bill 90 min DVD WSWE:SAFE:09
Sexual Agression 101: Men & Women Stopping Campus Violence (District Compliance), 11/4/2007 Denny, Todd 77 min DVD WSWE:SAFE:07
SRJC’s Emergency Preparedness Plan, 11/12/2004  Silverek, Don 75 min DVD WSWE:SAFE:02

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