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Title, Date

Duration Media
Index #
Algebra  Texbook of Abu Ja’far Mohammed ibn Musa, 2/19/2008 Gooch, Dean 87 min DVD INST:MISC:09
Discussion of the film ‘American Beauty’: Themes Relevant to Teaching and Living, 2/14/2001 Royal, Jennifer 90 min DVD INST:MISC:04
Go Global: International Teaching Opportunities For SRJC Faculty, 2/11/2004 Muzzatti, Gino Diamond, Jeff Janssen, Kyra Cheek 85 min DVD INST:MISC:08

Greening the Classroom, 2/17/2011

Bielen, Dobson, Gerber, Jones & Mahoney

82 min


Modes, Myths & Music: The Use of Ancient Modes in Setting the Medieval Myth Parsifal to New Music, 2/16/2000 C. Menke, M. Gardner, Marcia Burchard 61 min DVD INST:MISC:05
On Shaky Ground: The Coming Big Quake, 8/18/2000 Smith, Ron 80 min DVD INST:MISC:03
Patterns of Thinking, 1/13/1997 Lowery, Lawrence 122 min DVD INST:MISC:01
Picture This: A Semester Abroad - Tape 1, 8/15/2002 Broderick, Patrick 55 min DVD INST:MISC:06

Resume Writing Workshop

Henningsen, LoPilato, Merkel, Papa

56 min


Sheba: Mythical & HIstorical Aspects of the Queen, PDA Spring 1999 Hunter, Mira   INST:MISC:02

Supporting at Risk Students on Campus at SRJC, 2/17/2011

Edwards, Monica & Travis, Maurice

84 min


Under the Microscope-Discovering the Hidden World Around You, 2/12/2003 Zoger, Abigail & Faulty, Robin 24 min DVD INST:MISC:07
What the Writing Center Can Do for Your Students, 2/19/2008 Cavales-Doolan, Foster, Mulcaire 75 min DVD INST:MISC:10

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