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dvd/video - Diversity: appreciation

Title, Date

Duration Media
Index #
A Hero’s Journey, 8/15/1997 Navarrette, Luz 81 min DVD DD:APPR:05
Autism Spectrum Disorders & Asperger’s Syndrome (Disability Awareness Month), 10/3/2007 Aspinall, Laura & Bliss, Dena 53 min DVD DD:APPR:11
Brain Sex: Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better,
1/1/ 1992
The Learning Collection 51 min DVD/VHS DD:APPR:02
Brain Sex: Love, Love Me Do, 1/1/1992 The Learning Collection 51 min DVD & VHS DD:APPR:03
Brain Sex: Sugar & Spice, 1/1/1992 The Learning Collection VHS DD:APPR:01 
Bridging the Gap: Assessing & Serving Diverse Students with Learning Disabilities, 1/13/1995 Dunn, Muzzatti, Reisman and Perez 75 min DVD DD:APPR:04 
Disability Awareness Panel, 10/30/2007 Aby, Arellano, Blong, Hei 50 min DVD DD:APPR:12
Disability Awareness, 10/1/2008 Mann, Jennifer & others 50 min DVD DD:APPR:13 
Enough to Make a Body Ashamed of the Human Race, 8/15/2008 Mulcaire, Terry 80 min DVD DD:APPR:16
How Can SRJC Attract & Hire a More Diverse Staff & Faculty, 2/13/2003            Various 174 min DVD DD:APPR:09 
Integrating Deaf & Hard of Hearing Students in the Classroom, 8/18/1997 Ezersky, Debbie & Jacobs, Jennifer 79 min DVD DD:APPR:06
Is Your Class Disability Sensitive?, 8/16/2002 Muegge, Ed; Grijalva,George; Grayson, Margaret; Peel, Richard 83 min DVD DD:APPR:08

Personal Change = Social Change, 3/17/11

Proehl, Ariana

51 min DVD


Planet SRJC: Diversity in the 21st Century, 8/13/2010 LaRue, Andre & Kuwabara, Lori 78 min
Promoting Staff Diversity & Demographics by Addressing Issues of College Climate, 2/12/2004 Various 75 min DVD DD:APPR:10
Specific Learning Styles, 8/14/2009 Conti, Elisa 84 min DVD DD:APPR:14
SRJC Brain Injury Awareness Day, 10/14/2009 Fraga, Dr. Michael & Marrapese, Melissa 81 min DVD DD:APPR:15
Teaching to a Diverse Student Population I, 2/19/2010 Kuwabara, Lori & LaRue, Andre 94 min DVD DD:APPR:17
Teaching to a Diverse Student Population II, 3/5/2010 Kuwabara, Lori & LaRue, Andre 116 min DVD DD:APPR:18
Teaching to a Diverse Student Population III, 4/16/2010 Forkum, Dr. James & Forkum, Dr. Sherry 121 min DVD DD:APPR:19
Women & Gender Studies Major, 8/16/2002 Donegan, Anne; Kelly-Moore,Jill; Kellam, Karen 86 min DVD  DD:APPR:07 

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