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Professional Development Activity Day requires a tremendous team effort from faculty and staff across the SRJC District. Many, many thanks to these colleagues for sharing their time, expertise and talent!

Professional Development Committees and Staff
Thank you - College Staff and PDA Day Presenters

Professional Development Committee
Committee Members

Kris Abrahamson
Betsy Fischer
Deirdre Frontczak
Amy Ethington
Katie Gerber
Sabrina Meyer
Tracy Ruelle

Mary Sandberg

Todd Straus
Scott Rosen
Jerry Thao
Debbie Weatherly

Classified Staff Development Committee

Committee Members

Anne O'Toole
Mary Sandberg
Tracy Ruelle
Debbie Weatherly
Sabrina Meyer Elizabeth McPherson

Faculty Development Committee
(Academic Senate)
Committee Members

PDA Day Program

Administrative Assistant
Edna Lefort

Coordination and Development
Mary Sandberg

Professional Development


Ann Foster
Lauren Servais
Katie Gerber
Mary Sandberg
Scott Rosen

Edna Lefort

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Thank you to our colleagues in:

Community Education
Doyle Library
Facilities and Grounds
Fresh and Natural Food Services
Disability Resources
District Police
Information Technology
Media Services
Student Services - Student Ambassadors
Theatre Arts

Also to:
Student Ambassadors

Now & Zen

PDA Day Workshop Presenters:

Diana Rangaves
Smita Avasthi
Ann Foster
Anne-Marie Insull
Lisa Mott
Michelle Van Aalst
Li Collier
Ying Lin
Audrey Spall
Abby Bogomolny
Ricardo Navarrette
Kathy Matthies
Katie Hickman
Noah Hallett
Leonard Diggs
Pattie Wegman
Matt McCaffrey
Robert Thompson
Sarah Hopkins
Tracy Ruelle
Gina Wagoner
Tony Ichsan
Nick Lawrence
Erlinda Peraza
Rhonda Findling
Susana Ackerman
Dean Gooch
Jane Saldaña-Talley
Brenda Flyswithhawks
Nancy Chinn,
Jill McCormick
Monica Ohkubo
Tracy Hamm
Jeane Erlenborne
Katie Gerber
Terri Frongia
David Kratzmann
Rebecca Perlroth
Robert Caruso
Mike Grabowski
D'Ann Moore
Scott Rosen
Carmen Castillo
Jacqueline McGhee
Lauren Servais
Anne O’Donnell
Wanda Burzycki
Robert Ethington
Lauralyn Larsen
Todd Straus
Stuart Campbell
Ken Lofgren
Susan Houlihan
George Sturr
Ying Lin
Dan Famini
Doug Kuula
Karen Frindell Teuscher
Sean Martin

A Very Special Thank You to Our Guest Speakers!

Keynote Speaker:
Tom Brown
Thomas Brown and Associates

"Increasing student Engagement and success: it takes you!" 


Guest Workshop Presenters:

Tom Brown

"Reframing At-Risk to High Potential"


Annette Townley,

Colin Close

"The Hidden Story of Decision Making: Unconscious Bias in the Workplace"



Cardiologist Dr. Stewart Allen

"Heart Health: Series #3

Dr. Stewart Allen
link to bio in PDF

Dr Allen

Annette Townley

Dr Allen

Annette Townley has over 25 years of experience as a consultant and trainer working with municipalities, educational institutions, state and community agencies and businesses. 
She is a results and people oriented facilitator/trainer with the ability to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds and roles within an organization.  She currently works for the City of Santa Rosa as their internal organizational development and trainer and coordinates the City’s Inclusion Council and the City’s Building an Inclusive Workplace training team .

Colin Close

Dr Allen

Colin Close has provided consulting and training services for over 10 years to health care and social service providers, educational institutions, government agencies, and businesses interested in increasing gender equity, diversity, and inclusion. He speaks at national conferences and dozens of college and university classes each year. Colin also works for the City of Santa Rosa as an analyst and serves on the City’s Building an Inclusive Workplace training team.



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