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Professional Development Activity Day requires a tremendous team effort from faculty and staff across the SRJC District. Many, many thanks to these colleagues for sharing their time, expertise and talent!

Professional Development Committees and Staff
Thank you - College Staff and PDA Day Presenters

Professional Development Committee
Committee Members

Kris Abrahamson
Shawn Brumbaugh
Betsy Fischer
Deirdre Frontczak
Amy Ethington
Katie Gerber
Norberto Quiroz
Sabrina Meyer
Tracy Ruelle

Mary Sandberg
Scott Rosen
Jerry Thao

Classified Staff Development Committee

Committee Members

Anne O'Toole
Mary Sandberg
Tracy Ruelle
Debbie Weatherly
Sabrina Meyer Elizabeth McPherson

Faculty Development Committee
(Academic Senate)
Committee Members

PDA Day Program

Administrative Assistant
Elizabeth McPherson

Student Assistants
Edna Lefort

Coordination and Development
Mary Sandberg

Staff Development


Ann Foster
Lauren Servais
Katie Gerber
Elizabeth McPherson

Mary Sandberg
Scott Rosen

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Thank you to our colleagues in:

Community Education
Doyle Library
Facilities and Grounds
Fresh and Natural Food Services
Disability Resources
District Police
Information Technology
Media Services
Student Services - Student Ambassadors
Theatre Arts

Also to:
Student Ambassadors

The Core

Shuttle Van Drivers

Tauser Lecture:
Terri Frongia

The Art of Being Human~ Italian Style" 

Master-poet Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) opens his epic everyman's journey through the darkest lows and most luminous highs of human experience with an archetypal mid-life crisis:


 “Midway upon the journey of our life, I found myself within a forest dark, for the straightforward pathway had been lost.


We'll join him and other Italian luminaries on a voyage through time, language, and the arts as we chart a `teacherly' course towards a vision of what it means to be fully and truly human in a world of accelerated, exponential change.

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