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Tentative Agreement Summary / District Proposal

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dear Classified Staff:

Today the SCJCD Board of Trustees gave their unanimous approval of the tentative agreement between the District and SEIU. Thank you for everyone’s support; we are stronger together and it was great to see the packed room full of classified staff. Here is a copy of the speech I gave during public comments:

Board President Kunde, Members of the Board, Dr. Chong and Colleagues:

As the serving President of the SEIU Local 1021 SRJC Chapter, I address you today on behalf of the 417 classified staff members at SRJC. As you know there is a tentative agreement between SEIU and the District on the agenda and I am speaking today to ask for your approval.

On behalf of the SEIU negotiations team, I would like to acknowledge and thank the District team, and Dr. Chong, for your efforts to reach this agreement. Progress on both sides was made due to the increased collaboration and respect at the negotiations table. There were challenges this year, as there were last year, and the biggest of those was and will continue to be the cost of health care. Health benefits are among the most costly financial burdens of school districts and other public agencies. This is not just an SRJC problem, this is a societal problem.

But as a large group purchaser of employee health care benefits in Sonoma County, SEIU believes the District can and should take a more active role in ensuring that our premium dollars are spent on safe, effective, efficient, and fairly priced health care services. SEIU is committed to work with the administration to address cost containment, provider accountability, and transparency in rate setting. We cannot afford to continue to push yearly increases onto employee groups through take-aways.

Our members are feeling the effects of this burden and they are actively engaged in expressing those impacts. In April you received over 215 classified staff signatures expressing support of the SEIU negotiations team. Over the past few weeks you have heard from over 60 classified staff who have shared their personal, and heartfelt stories. It is my hope that these letters have helped you feel a personal connection and knowledge of the people who work to serve our students, administrators and faculty on a daily basis. As you heard, we love our jobs, and our work here at the college. We have simply asked, in these negotiations, to be appreciated in those efforts and valued for our contributions. We are not a burden, we are a benefit, to this institution.

Yesterday, 138 classified staff voted “yes” to approve the tentative agreement reached by the district and SEIU. We believe this agreement is a significant step in the direction of parity amongst employee groups. With your approval of this contract today, classified staff can get back to our jobs they love and continue working towards our common goals. `

With an eye toward the future, I want to say, it is time for us to work together on health care costs to ensure our lowest paid workers are not forced to continue to make tough decisions on basic necessities in order to have health coverage. SEIU is committed to working on this initiative, and I look forward to keeping the board updated on our progress. As the SEIU President, I look forward to continue working with Dr. Chong, the administration, and you, the board; to ensure our financial stability, to continue to provide a stellar educational environment to our students, and to build on our reputation as a “great place to work” for our employees.

As an integral part of this institution, I am grateful to be a part of the classified staff team at SRJC.
Thank you-

Hilleary Izard, (707) 527-4239
SEIU Local 1021, SRJC Chapter President

Manday, July 21, 2014

The agreement between the Sonoma County Junior College District
and Service Employees International Union local 1021
was officially ratified this evening with 85% of the votes cast in favor.

Thank you for your vote and let’s continue in solidarity.

Hilleary Izard, (707) 527-4239
SEIU Local 1021, SRJC Chapter President

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2014 — 2017

Tentative Agreement Summary /District Proposal

Tentative Agreement Full Text

Classified Evaluation Long Form pdf

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