NSR732 High School Follow-Up-Three Year Comparison


This document is split into two reports showing the academic achievements of all the local high school graduates from three graduate classes.

Statistics compiled for each of the three graduating classes showing the number of students who ever attended the college, the number who were enrolled in the current semester, the average units completed and GPA of those who every attended, and the number who received a certificate.

The first report (NSR732R1) shows these statistics for each high school individually. The second report (NSR732R2) shows the same statistics for each high school in relation to all the other high schools. Only the high school receiving the report will be identified by name. The remaining high schools on the report will be identified by number only. The first page of this report is intended for internal use only because it identifies each high school by name.


High schools use this report to measure the college success of their graduates in a three year period as compared to graduates from other high schools.

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Last Modified: November 1, 2000