NSR730 High-School Follow-Up Semester Transcripts


This report details what students of last year's graduating high school class are doing academically.

Each local high school will receive its own portion of the report listing the graduates from that high school along with course, unit, and grade information, and the student's objective and major. At the end of each school's report is a page of overall statistics for that school showing the number of students from the school, their average units attempted and completed during the semester, and their average GPA for the semester.

Although the report will show detailed information only for local high schoool graduates, the same information will be compiled for students from other high schools. At the end of the report, a set of totals and statistics will be printed for each of the schools combined. This page will be sent to each local high school along with its own portion of the report.


High schools use this report to track the success of new graduates and compare this information with other high schools.

How to Access

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Last Modified: November 1, 2000