SR734 Scheduling Template Report


This report gives statistics on full-term day courses taught at either the Santa Rosa campus or the Petaluma campus. They qualify for the report if they meet a total of 3 hours per week and are not cancelled.

The statistics include:

  • Number of sections offered.
  • Number of weeks after priority registration when the sections closed.
  • The total limit.
  • 3 sets of enrollment figures and their percentage of the limit:

a) Beginning of class

b) Class first census

c) Current date


Detail Version: Prints the statistics for each course. Department and location totals are also included.

Summary Version: Prints only department and location totals.


Used to compare the frequency, popularity, and retention rates of different scheduling templates.

How to Access

Request a report from Computing Services: Operation Staff

Questions or comments may be sent to: Julia M. Baumhoefer
Last Modified: November 17, 2000