NSR240 Salary Costs from the Schedule of Classes


This report shows adjunct/overload hours and contract, adjunct, and overload salary costs for a semester.

The detail version of the report shows, for each instructor for a section, total hourly-paid hours for lecture, lab, and non-credit, and their associated salary costs by object code. Contract salary costs are shown, but without an associated hours.


  • Selected sections or all sections.
  • Detail or summary version.
  • If all sections:

a) Include or exclude cancelled classes.

b) Include or exclude shadow* classes.

c) Include hourly and overload meetings only, or include all meetings.


Business Services use these statistics to make budget projections.

How to Access

Request a report from Computing Services: Operation Staff

* Shadow classes are classes assigned to Department-Codes 9998 and 9999. They will only be offered if there are enough funds.

Questions or comments may be sent to: Julia M. Baumhoefer
Last Modified: November 16, 2000