NSR259 CCFS323-CR New & Cont Credit Enrollment Rpt


NSR259 produces numbers of resident 'new' and 'continuing' credit students for program-based funding estimates.

There are two types of 'new credit' students:

1. Enroll Status: 1=(New) or 2=(New Transfer), resident students actively enrolled at first census in a credit course - in a primary (Spring or Fall) term.

2. Enroll Status not 1 or 2, but new to the credit program: Resident students whose enrollment-status is not 'new' or 'new transfer', who are actively enrolled at first census in a credit course for the first time in a primary term; i.e. who have no history enroll records for a prior Fall or Spring term.

Note: Continuing students are California residents actively enrolled in a credit course at the first census date of the term and who were enrolled in a credit course in a previous primary term, and whose enrollment status is not 1 or 2.



These statistics are used for matriculation funding.

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Last Modified: November 14, 2000