NSR234 Instructor Load Report


This report provides a schedule of classes, office hours, and other assignments for each instructor, and computes the instructor's contract and hourly loads as well.

The report has several selection options:

  1. Load Report or Hours Report.

  2. If Load Report: One or two semesters (load report only).

  3. A detail or summary version.

  4. A selection of instructors or all instructors.

  5. If Load Report or Detail Hours Report: Print TOP, room or schedule PACS-Activity for each meeting.

  6. Sort by Instructor-Name, PACS-Activity, PACS-Location or PACS-Responsibility.

  7. If Load Report sorted by PACS-Activity: Use either the instructor's PACS-Activity or that from the schedule of classes. (All versions of the Hours Report, and PACS-Location and PACS-Responsibility sequence of the Load Report, automatically use PACS-Activity from the schedule of classes. Instructor-Name sequence of the Load Report uses the instructor's PACS-Activity.

  8. Include or exclude cancelled classes.

  9. If Hours Report: Exclude additional classes based on a division cutoff rather than the department-code's being 9998 or 9999.


The Scheduling Office, Department Chairs, and administrators use this report to monitor instructor load and hours.

How to Access

Request a report from Computing Services: Operation Staff

Questions or comments may be sent to: Julia M. Baumhoefer
Last Modified: November 16, 2000