NSR239 Faculty Directory


NSR239 produces directory listing. The report includes the following information for each class that an instructor is teaching:

  • Course title number, Section number, Units-maximum, Weeks-duration, Date-begin, Date-end (if short-term class), Days, Time-begin/time-end and Room.

All reports are sorted by name using Name-last, Name-first and Name-MI. The classes are sorted in Course-title-num. Each version looks the same; the difference is the classes selected.

Selection options are:

  • days sections only
  • evening sections only
  • all sections
  • section number
  • create a separate file for each A&R clerk's workload
  • page-break when first letter of an instructor's name changes



Department heads request this report most often.

How to Access

Request a report from Computing Services: Operation Staff

Questions or comments may be sent to: Julia M. Baumhoefer
Last Modified: November 13, 2000