NSR124 Course Statistics


There are three versions of this report. The first two are Course Statistics report to be used by auditors and administrators. The third is an exception report to be used by the college.

  1. NSR124R1: Gives three different summaries of the numbers of active and cancelled sections and the number of active enrollments in different categories of courses. The first summary groups sections by credit/non-credit and attendance codes. The second summary shows the numbers of sections for each attendance code within a day/evening breakdown. The third summary groups sections strictly by their course digits.
  2. NSR124R2: Categorizes information on the course level for all active courses. For each course if gives a day and evening the number of full-term and short-term sections, the number of sections in different attendance and grading categories, and the number of active enrollments.
  3. NSR124R3: This is an exception report which lists any sections that have discrepancies between credit and non-credit coding and the type of attendance.



Auditors and administrators use the Course Statistics Report.

How to Access

Request a report from Computing Services: Operation Staff

Questions or comments may be sent to: Julia M. Baumhoefer
Last Modified: November 1, 2000