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Firefighter I Academy


The Firefighter I Academy is a 12 unit course conducted by the Santa Rosa Junior College in cooperation with CalFire and the Marin and Sonoma Fire Training Officer's Associations. It is a basic Firefighter I Academy conforming to the standards established by the State Board of Fire Services and State Fire Training with the exception that it does not include the required emergency medical training.

The academy includes 420 hours of instruction in basic firefighting skills, fire behavior, fire control techniques, firefighting tactics and strategy, fire ground safety, apparatus and equipment maintenance, operations, fire investigation, physical fitness and wildland fire training. In addition to a course completion completion certificate, students also receive a CalFire Basic Firefighter Certificate, CSTI Hazardous Materials Fist Responder Operational, Confined Space Awareness, Auto Extrication, Low Angle Rope Rescue Operations (LARRO), ICS 200 and NWCG S-130, 131 and 190 certificates..

With a course completion certificate and EMT card, you will have met the academic requirements for certification as a Firefighter I. The State Board of Fire Services also requires six months experience as a paid firefighter or one year as a volunteer before a Firefighter I Certificate can be issued.

While the Firefighter I Academy is not a "Core" course for a Fire Technology Degree or Certificate, it can be applied to meet the required elective units for either.

Academy Offerings

The Firefighter I Academy is offered in both an Extended and Intensive Format.

Extended Format: Occurs on Tuesday and Thursday from 6-10PM and Saturdays and Sundays 8AM-5PM. This format is offered in both the Spring and Fall Semesters and lasts the duration of the semester.

Intensive Format: Is offered only in the Spring and runs Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM beginning in mid February and ending in early May.

In addition to the time frames identified above, both formats include 2, 24-hour overnight sessions during the wildland component of the course.


To enroll in the Firefighter I Academy, you must first have completed the following prerequisites:

Fire 71: Fire Protection Organization

EMC 100: Emergency First Responder (or possession of a current EMT Card)

Fire 208: Introduction to Firefighter I Academy

Once these prerequisites have been met, you must submit the following documents directly to the Public Safety Training Center: Firefighter I Academy application, Medical Clearance Form (PDF), and Fire 208 & 208.1 Code of Conduct (PDF). If you are applying for one of the Spring Academies please be sure to specify your preference. If there are more applicants than slots, a lottery will be used.

Application deadlines are as follows:

Applications are due in the Fire Technology office by June 1 for those wishing to attend the Fall Academy.

Applications are due by October 1 (in the preceding year) for those wishing to attend one of the Spring Academies.

If accepted into the academy, you will be mailed an orientation packet with detailed instructions you must follow. This includes completion of an OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation (Fit test) Questionnaire by a licensed physician at your cost. While we provide the form used by Kaiser for your convenience, you may use any Occupational Health Provider as long as they use an OSHA approved form.

The last stage of the enrollment process is attending the course orientation. ATTENDANCE AT THE ORIENTATION IS MANDATORY.


Classes for the Firefighter I Academy are held at the Public Safety Training Center, 5743 Skylane Blvd. Windsor. Some classes are held off-site.

For additional questions, please contact the department's Administrative Assistant, Rachel Smith at or at (707) 836-2906.

Uniforms and Protective Gear

Students are required to provide a navy blue uniform, OSHA approved black "Station" boots, physical fitness running shoes and navy blue sweatpants and long sleeves navy blue t-shirt (100% cotton). In order to provide NFPA compliant protective gear for live fire training, students are also required to rent turnouts for the duration of the academy. An approximate breakdown of the costs is as follows:

Uniform (pants, shirt with emblem and web-belt) $115
Station Boots $180-280
Running Shoes $70
Sweats $40
L/S T-Shirt $20
Turnout Rental $460
Approximate total: $885

Internet Links

To view some of the testing standards used in the fire academy and the Intro course, go to:

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