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Job Announcement

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General Sections

The Position
Ideal Characteristics
Challenges & Opportunities
Compensation & Benefits

The Position

The President reports directly to the Board of Trustees, which is composed of seven elected members and a student representative. The primary responsibility of the President is to ensure educational excellence for the students of Santa Rosa Junior College and maintain the College's reputation as a premier resource of higher education for the citizens of its service area. The President serves as the Superintendent, Chief Executive Officer, and Secretary to the Board of Trustees. The Board seeks a proven, enthusiastic leader who has a commitment to student success and instructional excellence, and who values our rich institutional traditions while offering an innovative and strategic vision of SRJC’s future. Consistent with educational excellence, the President shall provide sound and innovative financial management of the College. The successful candidate is expected to develop and implement a strategic vision, building on the commitment of students, faculty, and staff in a participatory governance environment. The President must have a thorough understanding of the role of a large, multisite, comprehensive community college in an economically diverse region and be insightful to the dynamics of the communities served by the College.



  • A master’s degree from an accredited institution.
  • Significant leadership experience reasonably related to this position.
  • The educational preparation, and experience, if applicable, that qualifies a candidate to meet faculty minimum qualifications for a current SRJC discipline.
  • A sensitivity to, and understanding of, the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students.

Applicants who do not possess the minimum qualifications exactly as stated above must file for equivalency. If claiming equivalency, applicants are responsible for documenting all coursework, degree programs, and related professional experience at the time of application.


  • An earned doctorate degree from an accredited educational institution.
  • Successful record of recent senior-level administrative experience at an institution of higher education with multiple sites.
  • Strong instructional, student services, and/or business services background and a demonstrated commitment to excellence in teaching, learning, and student success.

Ideal Characteristics

  • Demonstrated success working with a Board of Trustees and a record of positive Board relations. Proven ability to keep a Board informed of progress with timely and accurate information and the ability to interpret and apply Board policy.
  • Ability to clearly articulate and implement vision with decisiveness and enthusiasm.
  • Proven ability to bring innovative approaches to challenges while demonstrating an appreciation and respect for the history and culture of the College.
  • A proven track record of sustainable, high-energy leadership, which includes the encouragement of constructive discourse and the recognition of individuals' successes.

Challenges & Opportunities

The following categories reflect current challenges and opportunities at Santa Rosa Junior College. The ideal candidate will have the desire to address and the ability to illustrate success in these areas and be able to fulfill these needs:

Leadership, Advocacy & Governance

  • Successful record of enforcing the highest standards of accountability at all levels and commitment to the highest standards of integrity.
  • Proven experience as a collaborative leader who has shown a commitment to participatory governance characterized by transparency and leadership and by being accessible to faculty, staff and students.
  • Demonstrated experience leading an educational institution through change and challenging times while working collaboratively with the college community in a way that strengthens the culture and pulls people together.
  • Evidence that, as a visionary, he/she can articulate where the College should be in the future, to gain support of all constituent groups for their chosen actions and solutions.
  • A leader who demonstrates an understanding of California community colleges, the statewide educational system, and the political dynamics and realities that affect the higher education sector.

Educational Programs, Student Services & Community

  • Demonstrated knowledge of key educational issues affecting academic, occupational, developmental, and continuing education programs combined with a background of successful visionary leadership in the encouragement, development, implementation, and support of educational programs and student learning outcomes to assess the effectiveness of these programs.
  • Demonstrated recent evidence of a commitment to students and Student Services functions, including the promotion of student life, matriculation goals, and the ability to promote and maintain a positive working environment between Student Services and instructional areas.
  • Proven track record of recent involvement in civic, business, and local diverse community organizations that benefits and cultivates collaborative work with the College.
  • Experience as an effective and articulate spokesperson/representative at community, state, and/or national levels.

Human Resources

  • A strong personal commitment and sensitivity to the diversity of our students, community, and workforce; embraces and honors inclusion as a strength and understands and reflects the need for multiculturalism; experience in nurturing an open college culture that is respectful of all members of the community.
  • A history of successful leadership in the hiring of talented faculty and staff with a commitment to equity in salaries, benefits, and working conditions for all SRJC employees.
  • Ability to promote professional growth and development opportunities for all employees.
  • Demonstrated experience with and commitment to labor relations, including interest-based bargaining, and proven success creating effective and positive working relationships with collective bargaining units.

Planning, Finance and Facilities

  • Success in supporting and facilitating the integration of the District's planning processes with its financial resources.
  • The capability of overseeing technology integration across the District and promote the need to review, upgrade, and maintain equipment and technological systems to foster innovative teaching, learning, and administrative support.
  • Strong financial background and responsible fiscal stewardship in times of economic uncertainty; the ability to be visionary, while maintaining the highest level of services and academic programs.
  • Proven experience in working with a foundation office to implement innovative approaches to creating fundraising opportunities and new sources of income for the College.
  • A strong command of the community college funding process.
  • Demonstrated commitment to sustainability with regard to implementing business practices, supporting green building/maintenance methods and the integration of sustainability into curriculum.

Compensation & Benefits

SRJC offers a competitive compensation package comparable to similar community college districts in California. Compensation, length of contract, and other terms and conditions of employment will be based on the qualifications of the successful candidate and negotiated with the Board of Trustees.