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new student frequently asked questions


How do I plan a class schedule that will work for me?

Where does my class meet?

It says the class is closed. What can I do?

The class has a prerequisite. What if I haven't taken the prerequisite?

What is a recommendation?

How do I use the printed Schedule of Classes?

Where can I find important dates and deadlines?

What if I need to withdraw from a class?

Are there late starting classes?

How do I find out about parking?

Can I take my class as Pass/No Pass (P/NP)?

How do I plan a class schedule that will work for me?

The general rule for planning your study time is academic classes require approximately two hours of study for every one hour in class. This means for a 3-unit class, you should plan six hours of study time each week in addition to the time you spend in class.

Plan your schedule to leave time between classes to review your notes and read before the next class. Classes start at the time posted in the Schedule of Classes but end at least 10 minutes earlier than indicated. This allows you time to move to another class.

Where does my class meet?

SRJC offers classes at many locations in addition to those on the Santa Rosa and Petaluma campuses. Make sure that you are aware of the location of classes for which you register. Classes that list their location as PC meet in Petaluma. When viewing the class schedule online, you can click on the room number to access a campus map. For a tour of the Santa Rosa Campus, contact the Student Activities office. Contact Admissions & Records at Petaluma Campus for a tour of Petaluma facilities.

It says the class is closed. What can I do?

Wait lists are established for some classes. Being on a wait list improves your chances of registering for a closed class. If you are able to register on the wait list (the same way you register for any class), your standing will automatically advance as other students drop. You are expected to attend class if you are on a wait list. Check your class schedule frequently to see if you have been added.

If there is not a wait list available, you can register only if the instructor gives you an "add code". Use this code to register through your student portal.

The class has a prerequisite. What if I haven't taken the prerequisite? What is a recommendation?

  • A prerequisite is knowledge or skill you must have before registering for a particular class.

  • If you completed the course at another college or with AP or IB scores, you will need to complete the online Prerequisite Equivalency Form and submit an official transcript which shows the course completion to the Admissions and Records Office.
    You are encouraged to submit this form and transcript in advance of your registration period. Please allow up to 24 hours for processing. If the transfer course is determined to not be equivalent to the SRJC prerequisite, then the prerequisite block will be reinstated and you will be dropped from the course. The status of your prerequisite equivalency (approved or denied) can be viewed in your student portal under the "Challenges & Equivalencies" link.

  • You also have the right to challenge prerequisites. Use the Prerequisite Challenge Form and explain the basis of your challenge. Submit the form to the Admissions Office. The form will be forwarded to the relevant department, and will either be approved or denied within 5 working days. While it is being processed, you will be allowed to register for the class (during your registration time). If it is approved you will be allowed to register or stay registered in the class and you will not receive any notification. If it is denied, you will be notified and will be blocked from the class. Please see a counselor for help completing this form.

  • A recommendation is advisory in nature, and you will not be blocked from registering for the class if you have not taken the recommended course. It is a good idea to take the advisories seriously, as they are a good indication of the skill level and/or knowledge needed to do well in the class.

Where can I find important dates & deadlines?

The academic calendar is found on the college home page and in the printed Schedule of Classes. The calendar lists important dates for the semester including holidays.

Deadlines for a specific class can be found by clicking on the “Dates” link in the online schedule of classes or in your class schedule found inside your student portal. Information on dates for adding late, withdrawing, choosing the Pass/No Pass grading option, and the date for the final exam are all found here.

What if I need to withdraw from a class?

It is always your responsibility to withdraw from a class if you are not going to attend or not able to complete the class. Students are encouraged to speak with the instructor and/or a counselor before they drop classes. To withdraw from a course, you must drop via your student portal using the same process as registering for classes. Print a copy of your new class schedule as proof that you completed the withdrawal process.

Withdrawal deadlines can be found by clicking on the “Dates” link in the online schedule of classes or in your class schedule found inside your student portal. There are separate deadlines for withdrawing with a “W” grade and withdrawing without a “W”. "W" grades are not used in computing a grade point average, but withdrawing from classes can affect you in other ways (scholarship, financial aid, progress probation, etc.). A counselor can help you decide if this is your best option.

Are there late starting classes?

Each semester the college offers a variety of classes that start later than the traditional semester classes. Some classes are offered in an "intensive" format as well as starting at alternative times. The schedule of classes on the Web includes late starting classes. Use the "Course Search" function in the online Schedule of Classes.

How do I find out about parking?

Parking permits may be purchased on a daily basis for $4 each day, or a semester permit may be purchased when you register for classes. A permit allows you to park at the Santa Rosa Campus, Petaluma Campus, and the Public Safety Training Center in Windsor. A semester parking permit for an auto costs $60.00 per semester. Associated Student Membership provides for a discount on your parking fees. When you pay your fees, your permit will be mailed to you. You may also purchase permits directly from the Accounting Office at either the Santa Rosa or the Petaluma Campus.

A permit entitles you to park on a space available basis. During peak times from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM there are minimal spaces available. Students are encouraged to consider alternative transportation such as carpooling, bus service, and bicycles. Review the SRJC Police webpage for more information.

Can I take my class for Pass/No Pass?

Many classes can be taken for pass/no pass. If this option is available it will be indicated at the end of the course description in the Schedule of Classes. The option must be chosen within the first 30% of the course. A few classes are offered only on a Pass/No Pass basis.

Pass is defined as satisfactory completion of the minimum course requirements (a "C" grade or better). Rather than receiving a grade on your transcript, you will earn a Pass if you met the minimum course requirements. Pass and No Pass do not affect your grade point average, and give you a chance to explore subjects outside of your major. Do not choose this option for classes within your major. Consult a counselor for more information about this option. There is a semester limit of 3 units (or course of a higher unit value).

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