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Using Your Linux Account

Both "Staff" and "Student" computers run the Linux operating system, a UNIX clone for PC's. It is a text-based environment (shell) as opposed to the graphical user interface (GUI). When you log into your Linux account, you will be presented with a command line user interface. Above the command line is the path to your home directory, [/home/staff/username] or [/home/user/username]. On the command line, there will be a prompt that looks like a 'dollar sign' ($). At the $ prompt is where you enter commands. All commands are case sensitive, i.e. must be lower case. You will need to familiarize yourself with basic UNIX commands to be able to use your account effectively. You can consult the UNIX man pages for options to commands by typing 'man command' at the $ prompt.

As with any networked computer system, passwords are important not only for system security, but for your own security as well. It is important to generate a password that will not be easily "cracked" or stolen. Please read Generating a Secure Password before entering a password. To change your password, type passwd at the $ prompt. When you initiate this command, you will first be prompted to enter your current password, then you will be required to enter your new password twice (to ensure that you type it correctly).

NOTE that Linux is not for beginning computer users since no in-person help is available. You will be expected to learn on your own. The following sites can provide you with more information, or you can search the Internet for "Unix", "Linux", "pine", "elm", etc.




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